This Is Us season 3 episode 18 (finale) spoilers: Flash-forward answers

This Is Us season 2We’re not going to pretend like NBC is giving you a whole lot of information in advance of This Is Us season 3 episode 18 — they’re not. This episode, entitled “Her,” is the final one of the season. It’s also the one where you could see more of the flash-forward timeline than any other point in the series.

What we know about this period is rather simple: Randall and Beth are preparing to see someone who has seemingly been identified as Rebecca. We’ve seen an adult version of Tess, but the status of many other characters within this world remains unclear. There are so many people we could meet still, including an older version of Kate and Toby’s son Jack — doing so would give us a good sense that he is alive and made it through being born so premature.

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So what will This Is Us choose to actually give us within this episode? That’s the larger question. Personally, we’re hoping for final clarity on the relationship status of Randall and Beth, given that there have been some qualms over a lack of wedding rings in this timeline. This doesn’t mean that they’re not together — maybe they are, but maybe there was a divorce in between and they never re-married. Or, maybe this is a story with a darker edge. We need to find out, one way or another, and then we need to check out the status of everyone else.

In a lot of ways, the season 3 finale could represent an endpoint more than a midpoint. We know where we’ve been, but this finale serves as an opportunity to instead explain where we are going, including what the journey of this series is really all about. We’d argue that above all else, This Is Us is the tale of Rebecca Pearson and the people who are in her life. We’ve seen much of it from the beginning, how she met Jack, and where their relationship went from there, but the flash-forwards could bring us to the very end. This is a show that does need that framing device, given that otherwise, it could just keep going and going without any sort of clear direction as to what the final destination is. In giving an endpoint, we know that the rest of the series could be about what lies in between.

Yes, it is still somewhat baffling that we’re one week away from the finale and there is no season 4 renewal, but let’s make one thing clear: We more than expect that’s coming. As a matter of fact, we’d go ahead and say that a two-season renewal is likely something that could be coming around the bend.

What do you want to see in regards to the This Is Us season 3 finale, and how do you think that this story is going to come to a close? We want to hear some of your thoughts now in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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