‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2 spoilers: First video of episode 2

Is Zoe really going to be able to stay away from Wade on “Hart of Dixie” this season? As we saw at the end of Tuesday night’s season premiere, this is not something that is going to be particularly easy to do.

The real issue that our leading lady has with Wade at the moment is rather simple: he’s just too darn charming for Zoe to resist … and by “charming,” we really mean not charming at all, but it somehow really still works. The truth here is that Zoe is a character that likes to be challenged, and with Wade he continuously puts her in a position where she wants to prove to him that she is better or different than what he thinks, whether it be better than an B- in bed or to the point where she questions whether or not she really has the willpower to avoid some of his advances.

Really this season, we are expecting to see plenty of waffling when it comes to Zoe, as she alternates back and forth between the idea of being with someone like Wade and the reality that he does not really seem to be looking for a boyfriend. Plus, do you really want to continuously be with someone who is not exactly the most complimentary person in the world? At least George was fairly king when he was wooing you, and did not throw your skills at being romantic into question.

Do you think Zoe is going to find herself more and more involved in Wade’s life as this season goes on? If you want to check out some more photos from this episode, all you have to do is visit the story that is up over here.

Photo: The CW

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