Chicago PD season 6 episode 17 sneak peek: Who gets shot?

Chicago PD season 6We’ve been hearing for weeks that Chicago PD season 6 episode 17 will feature a Mayoral candidate getting shot — now, the proof comes via the sneak peek below.

In this video, you get a strong indication that it is none other than Ray Price (Wendell Pierce) who is targeted by a shooter outside while in the midst of a conversation with Voight. What happens to him here is no doubt terrible — yet, if you are going to be shot, the timing isn’t terrible. Because Voight is right there, as are much of Intelligence, they’re able to work quickly as they’re able to track down the possible shooter. Meanwhile, Voight is able to tend to Price and make sure that he receives the best medical care possible ASAP. Sure, Hank and Price have had their differences but at the same time they also have respect. Hank doesn’t want to see someone intent on changing the culture of Chicago gunned down before the public even have a chance to cast a vote for him.

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What this shooting proves beyond a shadow of a doubt is that there are people who are deathly afraid of Price’s specific brand of politics — they don’t want things to change. It’s either that or the assailant is someone else within the election threatened by his message. Maybe they’re a Kelton supporter or associate; or, maybe they’re just an anarchist deciding that Chaos is a worthy candidate for Mayor. We don’t think that you can rule any of these out as worthy possibilities. There’s also the extreme one that suggests that Price perhaps hired someone to shoot him intentionally, knowing that in doing this, he would garner sympathy and come across as a bold survivor and worthy candidate who would continue to fight for his city.

Season 6 episode 17 will be largely about picking up the pieces from this moment, and then maybe on the other side of that seeing where the election goes. We do think that Price will receive a bump in support provided he survives this, but that in itself may not be enough; we think that for the scrappy people of Chicago, what’s going to matter the most is the plan. Who are going to find ways to properly turn this place around and deliver hope to a place that hasn’t always had it? If Price’s ideas are better than Kelton, he may get the nod. Or, maybe someone else emerges from the rubble and the season ends in a larger surprise. We do at least appreciate Chicago PD going in such a political direction this season — they’re finding a way to present some of the most important issues in a community without also making the storyline so partisan that viewers are focusing on the wrong thing. It’s about trying to keep the city safe — bar none. Everyone running wants that, even if they also want some food for their ego.

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