NCIS season 16 episode 17 video: Gibbs tries to reassure Bishop

NCISWe already know how the events of “She” impacted the entire NCIS universe — how could they not, given that Ziva is alive and we know it? What’s also interesting to learn now is that they may have impacted Ellie Bishop in a few more ways than we were EVER quite aware.

To be specific, think back to when she was in the water at the end of the episode — judging from what’s happening in the new sneak peek below from tomorrow’s “Silent Service,” that may be having a lasting impact on her. We don’t see Bishop or any other NCIS agent express a whole lot of fear when out in the field, but you certainly see it in her eyes once she realizes that the submarine that she and Gibbs are on — one where they are trying to investigate the death of a petty officer — is starting to go under. The idea was that there were to be no dives while the two of them were on board, but someone clearly changed that plan.

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You can see the nervousness in Bishop’s eyes when she starts to hear that the submarine is going under, and it is at that point that she turns towards Gibbs in hopes of getting a little more reassurance. That’s when he tries to tell her that everything is going to be okay — Gibbs certainly has more experience in these sort of situations, and beyond that, this is him recognizing once more his status as a leader. Bishop will be okay, once she gets a little more accustomed to the surroundings. She also does know that she’s got a job to do and she’ll want to do it.

We just hope personally that Bishop and Gibbs can do this job quickly, given that things are going to start stacking up on them the moment that they go under. Let’s frame it in this specific sort of way — they’ll have almost no connection to the outside world, limited resources, and will also be facing the possibility that whoever this murderer is, they’re still on board that submarine and will be willing to kill again to ensure that the truth doesn’t come out. You gotta be good investigators in this position, but you almost also need to have eyes in the back of your head. Expect a lot of looking over your shoulder during this episode — there is really no other way to ensure your safety when the dust settles.

How do we get to this point in the first place?

For a sneak peek from a little earlier on in the episode — one focusing especially on the status of Ducky — be sure to visit the link here.

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