God Friended Me episode 18 review: Are Cara, Miles falling apart?

Violett BeaneTonight, God Friended Me episode 18 opened the door to yet another God Account mystery — but, beyond that, it also pushed us closer to finally getting some answers about Simon Hayes.

At the moment, the one thing that feels clear is simply this: Miles, Cara, and Rakesh are maybe getting warmer. Cara was tasked tonight with speaking to Simon for Catapult, realizing that if she didn’t do the interview, her boss would. She tried to push him for news on his secret project, and he wasn’t so keen to say much other than that he’s been working on it for the better part of the past eight months and that it could change much of the world as we’ve come to know it.

This sounds intriguing … but is it enough for us to say that this actually is the God Account? We’re not willing to go that far.

As for the Friend Suggestion of the Week story, it was about balancing grief and finding the right way to let go. Miles was tasked with trying to help a grieving couple handle the loss of their daughter, who had a prized possession in a violin that they were struggling to let go of. In the end they did, mostly so that another promising musician could have it and use it to actually build towards some sort of future together.

Yet, actually being able to help both of the Bensons was not altogether easy. They processed grief in different ways and because of that, finding a way for both to heal required an understanding and a deft touch. There was some beautiful stuff that unfolded throughout this episode, especially when we got to the end when Mrs. Benson finally crafted some sort of a smile.

Important odds and ends

Despite being warned against getting too personal during some of his sermons, Arthur decided to go ahead and do so anyway. He brought his point of view to the proceedings and we’ll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Cara has an important decision to make — she feels confident enough that Simon is behind the God Account, and because of that, her boss wants her to push forward and write the story. That’s why she visited Miles at the end of the episode in order to tell her the truth. He encouraged her to write a story for her boss earlier on in the episode, but didn’t realize that the story she was planning to write was about the one thing he didn’t want her writing. It wasn’t about trying to control her; instead, it was about trying to ensure that he kept his exclusive rights on the God Account for Free Verse.

Consider this the important first fight for Cara and Miles in their relationship. On the other side of this, they’re going to have a lot to work through and getting to the other side is going to be easy.


Things change and for Miles and Cara tonight, they certainly did. Is Team God Account on the outs? For now, it seems that way as career ambitions are getting in the way of the heartfelt stories and the missions that they’ve taken on from the beginning.

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