Supergirl season 4 episode 16 review: The story of Lex & Red Daughter


Lex Luthor is one evil man. There were reminders aplenty on Sunday night’s Supergirlin particular when he decided to do everything that he could to steer his latest experiment: Red Daughter. The Russian duplicate-of-sorts for Kara Danvers was brought up in the Luthor name and to understand anything and everything when it comes to his wicked ways.

What we saw as a result of this was a twisted story that went back years and showed us that for quite some time, this was a guy thoroughly intent on pulling strings. He was aware of Ben Lockwood from the start, and who understood that a series of events could lead to what he ultimately wanted — a chance for him to be able to stand atop America as the hero he felt they deserved. He wanted to basically kickstart a war and then be there to save it — something that would elevate himself above Superman. Despite however brilliant Lex may be, he is really just operating based on jealousy.

What made so much of this story heartbreaking was that it revolved, by and large, around him manipulating an innocent woman with no memory of her past — and even insisted that a time may come when she would need to take Supergirl’s place. Red Daughter had good in her, but Lex kept pushing her further and further to where that good suited his purpose.

Oh, and did we mention that Lex basically got himself sick to put much of his plan in motion?

How much of this matters

Really, all of it matters. Most of this episode was all about Lex and as a result of that, we didn’t really see a lot of other characters. Lex spent a little bit of time with Lena, at least in hologram form, and also of course devoted plenty of time to his efforts to make Red Daughter into the perfect soldier for his plan.

At the start of the episode, we saw Kara Danvers facing off against a super-powered version of Lex on the other side of him getting the cure. What’s so interesting is that a good bit of what he did in order to help Red Daughter — we want to think that this was an altruistic move on his part, but it really wasn’t. This was pure manipulation from start to finish, designed for the sole purpose of getting her on his side so that he could use her a little bit later. He’s got his weapon now, and she is fully committed to him seemingly and ready to work to do some of what he wants.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was an atypical episode of the show, for certain, but it was also a spectacular one. Everything seems set up now for Lex to kickstart his plan for world domination and get everything that he wants in the process — and that includes having someone else taking over the Girl of Steel role.

Lex seems to have everyone cornered … but just how long is that going to last? We know that Kara, Alex, and the rest of the team are going to fight back, and they’re going to have to do so QUICKLY if they want to turn the tide and save a better part of America.

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