Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight? The Mueller debate

John Oliver
Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight on HBO? If you want to get an answer to this all-important question, rest assured — we’ve got one within, plus some other pertinent discussion.

Here’s the funny thing — there’s a cruel irony within the Last Week Tonight world. We’ve had new episodes on less eventful weeks and right when you desperately want there to be a new installment that breaks just about everything down, there isn’t one and you are left with your head in your hands, wondering what you are going to do without Oliver’s brilliantly-satiric lens breaking down some of the best and craziest that the political world has to offer.

Obviously, there is a lot that Oliver’s show had to offer this week via the results of the Muller report — there’s so much bluster about what it is in there or isn’t in there and Oliver is one of the few comedians who can accurately present something that is tangible, easy to digest, but also funny. Given the timing of the report’s release and early conclusions on Sunday, Oliver would’ve actually had a chance to be first on the scene with this in the comedy world! He could’ve at least offered up some preliminary thoughts, though we’re sure that this is a subject he will circle back to and discuss to some degree a little bit later on down the road.

But, alas, it’s not happening — Last Week Tonight is not on the air tonight. Right when you want him, he’s not there. If only there was a Last Week Tonight signal (a light with a plaid dress shirt or a set of glasses?) that you could put into the sky to usher Oliver and his staff … but it’s not possible.

As we explain in the video below (subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for some more insight), the decision for Last Week Tonight to air repeats on certain weeks is made far in advance, as this show does need long periods of time to write out some of its main segments. This isn’t a show relishes being fast; it’s also not particularly off-the-cuff. It’s well-researched and because of that, it takes a good bit of time in order to do said research. If the show was just John Oliver, maybe you could awake him from his hiatus slumber (if you could even call it that) and he could come out and do fifteen minutes all about the Mueller Report and some of the larger implications of it. However, it’s not, and there’s no sense being upset about it other than just getting to shout within some sort of sad Last Week Tonight void where we can hear ourselves be very sad. We wanted this perspective, but we also understand being a longtime viewer of this show that patience is key. Also, in doing a few dozen shows a season, there are going to be big events that are inevitably left to the wayside and need to be scrounged up at some point down the road.

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