Magnum PI episode 19 video: How Magnum, Higgins get stranded

Magnum PI
After a short hiatus, Magnum PI episode 19 is coming to CBS on Monday — and for those wondering, it definitely feels like the most harrowing situation we’ve seen Magnum and Higgins in. Just the title here alone in “Blood in the Water” may make you think that a shark attack is imminent … and that’s before you even see some of the previews.

The sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below is basically your “this is how bad things are” introduction, as you’re going to see Magnum and Higgins aboard Robin’s yacht, seeming to enjoy themselves before they get a rather surprising distress call. We know that these are two people ready to do anything at a moment’s notice — when they hear a warning, for example, they’ll drop everything in order to rush out and help that someone in need. That’s one of their greatest strengths … but it does also leave them rather-vulnerable to bad guys wanting to take advantage of good people. At first, they think that they just have to go after one bad dude with a gun and they’re ready for a challenge. Then, the next one shows up and shoots Higgins clean off the ship. Magnum’s so preoccupied with jumping off to save her that there’s really nothing that he can do for the yacht anymore. It’s going to be gone and following that they’re going to be left in the water with little hope of survival.

So what happens in this situation? Well, first you try to swim to shore, even though dry land is still so far away and it’s hard to see it on the horizon … even if you know what side of the horizon it is. Then, you gotta hope for a miracle! The good news for Magnum is that he’s got good friends — also, friends who are dependent on him and have known him long enough to know when something seems off. When Rick and TC are unable to get ahold of him, and it starts to appear as though something is amiss with the boat — Kumu mentions that it’s tracking system was deactivated for the first time ever. This is a sign that help COULD be on the way! It’s mostly a matter of time. There are sharks in the water, and there’s also probably so long that Magnum and Higgins can stay afloat before they either run out of energy or these bad guys turn back up to finish them off. Things aren’t looking great for them … or at least we’d feel that way if this wasn’t a show in which the good guys often find a way to survive. We don’t think the mystery is if they get out of this. Instead, it’s more how they get out of it and what this means for their relationship in the future. Imagine Magnum PI without Magnum … or imagine the internet reactions if Magnum was jettisoned from the show. Nobody would want that!

We know that for us, “Blood in the Water” isn’t an episode that would’ve fully worked last year. It takes time to build up chemistry between characters and we’re at that point now where we think that Magnum and Higgins, stranded from the rest of the crew for an hour will prove to be jam-packed with content and offer up a chance to see different sides of these two.

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