Designated Survivor season 3 checks off another box in post-production

Designated Survivor season 2 episode 2We’re beyond eager to see Designated Survivor season 3 on Netflix, but getting to the point where it actually starts streaming is a process. There are a number of boxes that need to be checked off in between writing, filming, editing, and other stages of post-production; luckily, a number of these are already in the books!

If you’ve been reading with CarterMatt for a while, then you likely know that all of season 3 has already been filmed … a reason for celebration in its own right. These upcoming ten episodes are meant to be dark, intense, thought-provoking, and hopefully also leave you thinking about the role politics play in our everyday lives and how different the process is in 2019 than it was just fifteen or twenty years ago. We got a taste of that in the buildup to the 2016 election and we imagine that most of this, in retrospect, is really just an appetizer for some of the feast that is coming in 2020. Presidential campaigns and Washington headlines can become all-consuming in this era, and we certainly wouldn’t mind if the writers opted to tell a story about the pervasive nature of politics and trying to maintain your humanity in a sea of what can be really heavy and depressing stuff.

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Let’s move on over to where things stand nowIn a new post on Twitter, composer Paul Leonard-Morgan confirmed that he’s done with the last dub of season 3 — meaning effectively that a lot of the music is set up for the show. There’s likely still way more work to be done in post-production beyond the soundtrack, but this is a time where every job wrapping up correlates to us inching ever closer to the show actually landing on Netflix. There’s no premiere date as of yet, and we have to be prepared for there to be no official date for at least a good while.

Netflix already released much of their calendar for the month of April and to the surprise of no one, Designated Survivor isn’t on it. There’s a chance it could be coming in May, but is there really enough time for it to air then? Given that Lucifer (another show Netflix saved from cancellation) is hopefully coming out that month, we do wonder whether or not Netflix is eager to space out some of their one-time broadcast TV hits a little bit. Our feeling is that June is the likely premiere window for Designated Survivor season 3 and it could even flourish there. It’s a time when network TV is vacant and there’s going to be a yearning for something a little more intense and thought-provoking. We have a lot of faith in the Netflix version of the show that so many have been waiting for — there have been some flashes of brilliant across season 1 and 2, though everyone’s constantly had to dodge various landmines including frequent behind-the-scenes changes and then also the departure of the Alex Kirkman character in season 2. Much of the culture of Designated Survivor has been change; the best thing for it, and for its viewers now, would be finding a little bit of stability. We’d like to think that Netflix could provide that … but it’s also not lost on us that they’ve become the streaming TV executioner the last few months. If Kiefer Sutherland and company are going to survive, they’ll need to bring it — and by that, we mean bring a ton of viewers to the table.

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