Call the Midwife season 9 filming underway; schedule for what’s to come

Call the MidwifeWhile you’ve still got a good nine months or so to go until you have a chance to see Call the Midwife season 9 on the air, rest assured that filming is happening now!

Earlier this week, production officially kicked off on the landmark BBC hit in the United Kingdom, with it looking as the though the Christmas Special is the first on the docket. That’s the funniest thing about this show – the way in which it’s produced; you’re forcing all of your cast members to bust out their Christmas tree and eggnog celebrations in March, just a few months removed from doing the real thing! Yet, it makes some sense to film the show in order of the episodes airing as best you can.

So will there be change? One of the things that the world of Call the Midwife constantly reinforces is that there is always change, and we have a hard time imagining that things are going to be any different this time around. this show just exists within a very specific plane, one in which movements happen … even though they are subtle. the good news is that we haven’t heard about any substantial changes with the cast this time around — no significant departures have leaked. Maybe that happens during the season but for now, we’re not spending our time fretting over the future of X character or Y character. That’s a little bit refreshing and a nice alternative to things being the way that they’ve been. (Remember, we had to get used to life without both Barbara and Tom on this past season!) If the only change we have to deal with is change in Poplar, we’ll very much consider that to be a good thing.

As for when Call the Midwife season 9 will be premiering, it’s fairly easy to pinpoint a date already — January! Why would the BBC change it? Can you imagine a network being like “this thing works, so let’s stop doing it for the sake of getting crazy”? Everyone in that room would be fired! Call the Midwife (at least in terms of its airing structure) is like clockwork. You know when it expect it, just like you know the sort of content that is going to be on the air. There is a certain degree of irony that a show about childbirth takes hiatuses for nine months, right?

While you wait for season 9 to arrive, rest assured that there is a lot to dive into within the world of Call the Midwife at large! We’re anticipating that there are going to be some filming updates dispersed here and there, just as American viewers are going to get a chance to behold the highs and lows of season 8. Meanwhile, British viewers now have a chance to check out the official DVD collection for season 8, just in case they missed any individual episode along the way or just want to rewatch the season. Good on them for getting the episodes out quickly for consumers to buy! This is yet another component in what has become almost a Call the Midwife business empire. It may not be Downton Abbey levels of huge all over the world, but we like to think these midwives and nuns are doing very well for themselves!

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