NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 18 video: Nell, Sydney team up

NCIS: Los AngelesWant to know what’s coming on NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 18? We’re on the other side of the big Deeks – Kensi wedding, but there are still a number of reasons to watch! That’s even more true if you consider yourself a fan of Nell Jones. She hasn’t had a big spotlight in a while but this one could be your installment du jour. You’ll learn about her, but just as much you’ll learn about her relationship with sister Sydney … and also some of their time in high school.

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What happens when Sydney’s childhood crush ends up having his life in jeopardy? That’s what she calls on her sister for some help with, and it’s one of the more personal cases that she’s had a chance to work on. The sneak peek below gives you a small sense of the work that they have ahead of them, and also why Nell was hesitant to really take part in this until she fully understood the stakes of the operation. We do think that Nell and Sydney care about each other, but the weird thing about this show is that we see so few opportunities for them to legitimately bond. We haven’t really seen what they’re like away from the job all that much and this case could be one of the best examples of that in action.

We’re not sure that the two sisters are going to learn something about themselves that they didn’t know already — however, for us there are some opportunities to learn a few things of our own! Rest assured, we’re very psyched to see this dynamic, some humor, and Nell being awesome in the field.

Bonus sneak peek!

If you saw the promo for this episode, one of the big pushes in it was seeing all of the agents laughing … while we were left to wonder why. The second preview answers that! It has to do with Special Prosecutor Rogers claiming that it’s time to give everyone a performance review, judging that it’s the end of a quarter. Everyone finds that hilarious … or at least Deeks does before he realizes that he’s the first person who Rogers wants to talk to.

Do we think that these reviews are totally unnecessary at this point? Absolutely, especially when you think about the fact that it seems like we had something similar on the show that long ago yet. There is something perpetually-priceless about getting a chance to see some of these characters balk at authority and having a good laugh about the nonsense they have to do with when they’re good at their jobs. (Yea, we get that performance reviews are actually kinda-standard, but it seems so weird to still see them on a serialized television show.)

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