‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Yvonne Strahovski visits Dexter’s…

We have already teased that we are going to catch our first glimpse of Yvonne Strahovski’s character of Hannah McKay on “Dexter” in just a matter of a couple weeks; and now, we can officially confirm that she is going to be getting rather involved in the life of Dexter Morgan (as well as Miami Metro) rather quickly.

How can we confirm all this? It’s really just a matter of looking at the new image to the left of this article, and then just trying to speculate as to what exactly could be going on here. Hannah and Dexter are clearly having a reasonably friendly conversation in what looks to be his blood splatter lab, and she also seems to be rather comfortable there given that she has her hands on the table. As for what the two parties are talking about, that’s really anyone’s guess at this very moment.

Sometimes for a major production, it can be hard to really hide major secrets when it comes to their characters, but “Dexter” has done a good job here. We still are unsure whether or not Hannah is really acting for good, for evil, or if she is going to be a potential love interest for Dexter now that we are two seasons removed from Lumen. All we know is that she is going to be brought in so that she can be involved in some capacity for a string of killings that she has some background knowledge in, given that her own past involved some pretty nasty things regarding a man who was a murderer.

Even though Hannah is clearly smiling in this photo, do you think that there is some darkness lying underneath the surface?

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