Lucifer season 4 is coming this spring; reminders & what we know

LuciferLife can be frustrating when you don’t know the official Lucifer season 4 premiere date — that much is true. Yet, we do also take a little bit of solace in having an approximate window for when it will be back!

Just in case that wasn’t enough reason for excitement for you, also know this: The window appears to be shrinking. It’s a little bit easier to pin down exactly when Tom Ellis and the rest of the cast will be back in all of their devilish glory.

In a post on Instagram below, you can hear cast member Rachael Harris (Linda) explain that there are still plans for the show to launch this spring — and that she understands everyone out there who is eagerly awaiting some more news on the premiere date. We don’t blame them, and we certainly get why people are so frustrated! It’s hard when a lot of cast members do know when the show is back and are contractually forced to keep quiet about it. We don’t take this as Netflix trying to be cruel; we actually think it’s more that the streaming service is going to announce the date in a splashy way and it has less of an impact if it leaks out in advance. That’s, more than likely, what is actually going on here.

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So let’s get now to the part of this feature where we try to cross off some possible dates.

It’s unlikely to air in April – Netflix has already announced the bulk of their April premiere dates and unless they’re planning Lucifer season 4 as some sort of secret, last-minute launch (we’re not sure why they’d want to do that), you’re going to be waiting until May in order to see it.

“Spring” really only lasts until June 21 – With that, the latest Lucifer can launch is around that day … but even with that, we think that there will be people who roll their eyes if it comes out in June at all. The definition of “summer’ gets a little bit hazy because of kids getting let out “for the summer” in May and the “summer movie season” beginning sometimes at the very end of April. As a matter of fact, Avengers: Endgame is coming out on April 26 and that, to some, is the start of summer movies.

Our own premiere-date guess

In reading all of the mystical tea leaves out there, our feeling is that season 4 will arrive in May. The timing feels right and with network TV wrapping up most of their shows for the season, there could be a rather-nice hole in the market for Lucifer to slide into. Those ten episodes are likely blow by, but for slightly less than ten hours, we are looking forward to wrapping ourselves up in some TV bliss and enjoying some of the best stuff the writers and producers have to offer.

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When do you want to see Lucifer season 4 come back on the air? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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