NCIS season 16 tease: The curious case of a setting

NCISFor those of you who like to theorize about all sorts of interesting stuff within the NCIS world, we come bearing a conundrum today. What are Bishop and Torres doing at church?

There’s a new mystery that’s surfaced over the past couple of days, thanks in part to a message shared on Wilmer Valderrama’s official Instagram. The video below obviously is going to have some bearing for all fans out there of Bishop and Torres — and we know that there are many of you. The engaging relationship between Wilmer and Emily Wickersham is probably one of the reasons the writers enjoying cultivating stories for the two of them so much — they play off each other rather well and they each have a similar appreciation and sense of humor for the work.

So, obviously, enjoy this preview for the Bishop/Torres of it all, but then also pay attention to the setting. It’s clear that the two are sitting in a pew, as there are some other people lined up behind them. Meanwhile, you can tell by some of the architecture behind them that they are not in their ordinary surroundings … and then there’s also the fact that they are dressed in formal wear. How often do you see Nick Torres in a suit? The answer here is ‘not that often.” Whatever is being done at the time of this video’s filming is a fairly-important scene. Maybe it’s just the two characters attending a service together, but may be it’s the two attending a wedding — or, unfortunately, a funeral. We cannot rule out any possibility, but we feel like it is our duty as viewers and students of all things NCIS to point out when something unusual is bubbling up to the surface. We absolutely think that this qualifies as “unusual” — even if some of these characters do frequent church, it’s not something that producers regularly put the focus on.

Want to see some NCIS video discussion? In the latest clip below, we talk fairly in-depth about the status of Ducky and the show’s long-term future with the character. On the other side of checking that out, we strongly suggest that you subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube — also, remember to check out our NCIS playlist to get some other scoop.

So when could you even see this episode? Think in terms of either late April or early May. Episode 17 entitled “Silent Service” (check out a new sneak peek over at the link here) is the installment geared to premiere on Tuesday night. Typically, the cast and crew on set are a few episodes ahead of the game on the set. We don’t think that they are at the finale just yet, but there will probably be some emotional stuff leading up to it! It just remains to be seen if we’re talking about good emotional (i.e. happy tears) or bad emotional (the kind that makes you run through your house for more tissues before you end up wiping them on your sleeve).

No matter what happens, if Valderrama’s video has your curiosity piqued, then it’s pretty easy to say mission accomplished.

What do you think is going on within this video? Speculate away with some of your thoughts below! (Photo: CBS.)


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