The Blacklist season 6 episode 13 promo: A task force under seige

The BlacklistThe prevailing tease entering The Blacklist season 6 episode 13 — the first of two episodes airing on Friday — is that the task force is in danger. Yet, it’s hardly as though this is the first time you can say this within the larger context of this show. Isn’t the Task Force almost always in danger? Absolutely, it feels this way more often than not.

What makes “Robert Vesco,” and “The Osterman Umbrella Company” on the other side of it, so special is that the task force is being hunted. That marks the key change from usual, where they are the hunters who find themselves having to defend their own life in the midst of the bloodbath. Someone is coming at them this time hoping to rain down gunfire all over them and cause them utter hopelessness and despair.

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So who would do this … and why would someone do this? The promo below doesn’t really give too much away as to the why, though it does make it abundantly clear that we’re going to see a trail of violence. There are, in theory, hundreds of candidates if you were to put all of the people who have a vendetta against Cooper’s unit on a board. Think about the friends or family members of all the shady characters they’ve put away in collaboration with Reddington. If you were to put all of the possible suspects with motives in line, it would be like one of those lines for a black Friday sale prior to the store opening. It’d be MASSIVE.

Yet, we want to narrow things down somewhat. If the producers of The Blacklist were to just randomly attach assassins to the task force because of one Blacklister from years ago, would it really be altogether exciting? Would that feel more like the writers throwing a Frisbee into some random direction with no clear explanation? Feels that way to us. From our vantage point, the more fascinating scenario here is for the culprit here to be tied to either Anna or the President, someone with a pressing need to whittle down the task force until there’s nothing left. If POTUS wants to turn Raymond Reddington into ash, the best way to do that is to take down members of the group protecting him, one by one. There’s one character who is already departing on her own accord in Samar — who we at least know will still be appearing on episode 13. If some other characters are killed off, then his path to Reddington is a little bit clearer. We never imagined entering this season that the Commander-in-Chief would end up becoming a possible Big Bad, but here we are — this certainly makes the most sense in terms of big-time villains at this point. you don’t get any more dramatic, and nor are you going to have a situation where the work of the task force is more exposed. It puts them in a position where they are compromised more than ever before. Anna could be a scourge upon them, spreading and infecting their very operation.

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