‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6, episode 2 preview: Amy’s wedding date

Do you want to know when Amy Farrah Fowler is planning to tie the knot? Well, you have to give the woman credit for knowing what she wants for her future so far in advance.

In the new promo for tonight’s new episode (which you can see below), Mayim Bialik’s character makes it very clear in a discussion with Bernadette that she wants to be married in precisely four years. Unfortunately, there is still a major problem here in that she has yet to tell Sheldon about it. But could our resident genius actually warm up to the idea a little bit? We do see a few seconds in this promo of Sheldon holding Amy’s hand while they are seemingly taking in a move; however, he then follows this up with metaphorically giving Leonard a stern wag of his finger for suggesting that he is softening up and slowly becoming the same sort of human being that everyone else is.

If this wedding talk ever does come up, we can only imagine the drama that would come up with Sheldon because of it. As a matter of fact, it may even put what we know is going to happen soon with his new assistant at work to shame. As for the rest of this episode, one of the other primary stories is going to be a pretty predictable plot surrounding Howard getting bullied while in space. We’d have more sympathy for him, but he came off like a pretty massive tool last week by lying to Bernadette and we are over some of his whining because of it.

Do you think that Sheldon and Amy will get married at some point, and by saying this we mean under the circumstance where Sheldon is not possessed and/or hypnotized? If you want to learn for certain when Howard is going to return from space this season, all you have to do is follow the link over here.

Photo: CBS

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