A Million Little Things season 2: Should it keep the same timeslot?

Million Little ThingsFor everyone who enjoyed A Million Little Things season 1 on Thursday nights following Grey’s Anatomy, CarterMatt has some great news for you: It may be keeping that same spot moving into season 2!

In a new post on Twitter (which we have for you to see below), executive producer DJ Nash noted that it is the “plan” for the drama to keep its fantastic spot on ABC, one that led to it posting better ratings than it did for the first part of the season in the fall. Obviously, we don’t have to issue some sort of warning that this is subject to change for you to know that this is very much subject to change — this is the TV industry and within this world, decisions turn on a dime. A pilot could come in and executives could be like “we need the best lead-in possible!!” leading to this show having its third timeslot change over the course of just a single year.

For now though, there’s a lot of value in A Million Little Things keeping that spot. For starters, tonally it’s a solid match with Grey’s Anatomy that airs before it. Sure, it tells much more of a long-term story than Grey’s Anatomy does on a week-to-week basis, but we think that both shows exists for the purpose of experiencing a universe beyond yourself. You want to feel how these other fictional characters feel, whether it be joy, deep sorrow, or wanting to put their head through a wall. There’s nothing about the people on A Million Little Things that would make you think that they couldn’t be a friend, a loved one, or someone you want to know. Their experiences could be your experiences and there’s that relatable charm that keeps its going. It has that energy for heartfelt TV, a trend that sparked with This Is Us and is permeating most major networks these days. Everyone wants to catch a little bit of that spark.

The other major argument for keeping A Million Little Things at 10:00 p.m. is simply this: If you move it, where else would you put it? If you were to stick it on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, then you’d have to eliminate either The Rookie or Whiskey Cavalier from the mix. We’re a little more confident over the former of these shows, largely due to a potential tax credit already — plus, Whiskey Cavalier comes via an outside studio in Warner Bros. If you put A Million Little Things on Thursdays, all you have to do is scale out some of ABC’s other hits on the night — maybe run How to Get Away with Murder in the fall, Station 19 in the winter, and then move Station 19 up an hour and plug in For the People once you get around to the spring … provided, of course, that you want to keep all of these shows going. Of all the ones we’ve mentioned in this paragraph, we’re the most confident about A Million Little Things running for a couple more seasons — it’s hard not to when you consider the ratings and the show’s ability to make you feel things on a deeper level.

Expect something firm regarding timeslots at ABC’s upfront presentation, code for “hey advertisers! Please come and listen to us talk about how awesome we are.” You can read some more of the latest news on the show until then over at the link here.

What do you think: should A Million Little Things season 2 have the same timeslot that it did all the way back in season 1? Be sure to share right away in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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