Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 18 review: Is Owen fighting for Teddy again?

Tonight on Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 18, you had a chance to see varying stories about commitment — you had commitments to patients but then also, commitments certain characters make to each other.

In the case of one Owen Hunt, he’s dealing with a repeated commitment to uncertainty, to not knowing precisely what it is that he wants. He’s had a romance with Amelia, he’s having a baby with Teddy, and now he’s suddenly having serious bouts of jealousy that Teddy is very close to Koracick. Is he seeing what could’ve been if he had decided to be with Teddy? That’s why he spent time with her, working to make her feel at ease during a pregnancy scare. It’s also why he didn’t bother to tell Koracick what was going on.

Big shock: Koracick doesn’t like being kept out of the loop. This is a guy who loves control so much that he probably has “I love control” tattooed on his chest in big bold letters. He excels because he’s in command, but he also has this softness underneath that makes him quick to anger when threatened. He’s scared of losing people. He’s lost a son already in a freak accident — his life was ripped right out of his arms. He can’t lose someone else that way and he’s ready to fight for her. He told Owen that and we believe him.

So where could this story go from here? Think in terms of some mental bro wrestling match with Teddy at the center, and the longer this lasts, the longer Teddy could be the one truly heartbroken. Will she want to be with either of these guys if they become glorified battering rams? Eventually she’s going to get sick of it and once her baby is here, she’s going to have other things to focus on then this.

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Are Meredith, DeLuca on the upswing?

There’s no pressing need for some serious commitment right now — this is a new relationship and for them, just working on what they have is enough. Take small steps and relish in the romantic dinners and loving moments … though they did have to wait for them.

Andrew’s done his part to show that he’s ready for a relationship with Meredith, but tonight’s story is an example that he still needs a few leaps forward. It’s fine to take some time to recover from another failed experiment from his father and the heartache that comes with that, but he has to be on the top tier of communication; otherwise, he’s just wasting Meredith’s time when she’s wondering what is going on and why she’s waiting around for you to open up to her again. DeLuca did talk it through at the end of the episode — and they seem to be fine. Consider this proof that some honest words and a home-cooked meal can fix quite a bit.

As for Amelia and Link…

They are still a thing — or sort of a thing? They don’t have a commitment other than that they’re finding a way to keep it going. They’re committed mostly to telling themselves whatever they want in order to get by. Amelia has a knack for telling herself that something is casual, largely because she’s afraid of seeing something more turn into heartbreak, the kind she’s experienced so many times before. Her feelings for Link aren’t casual, and the same goes for the ones he’s got for her.

The question you really have to wonder is this: How long until Owen re-makes a commitment to Amelia, realizes Link is there, and then tries to do with the two of them what he’s doing to Teddy and Tom? We love Owen, but at the same time have really recognized this season what a relationship wrecking ball he is. He needs to step back for a moment and really collect himself – what is it he really wants for himself? Once he figures that out, then he ca go about perusing things instead of just destroying everything in his path. Right now he is his own worst enemy.

CarterMatt verdict

Grey’s Anatomy had some patient-of-the-week stuff in here, including some conflict between Alex and Andrew over a patient who was sabotaging her treatment in fear of going back to school. Yet, the relationships are what stick with you and are always what sticks with you. It wears its beating heart on its sleeve. There are frustrations with how certain people are thinking (i.e. Owen), but we also at least understand it. We’ve all faced relationship confusion at some point in our lives, it’s how we choose to deal with it that sets us all apart.

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