Gotham season 5 episode 11 return date: Prepare for final episodes


CarterMatt is coming to you in this article with the likely Gotham season 5 episode 11 return date … but also a reminder that patience is required.

Fox is doing some truly-strange stuff with the scheduling for the final season. It feels like they could’ve given you Gotham and another series from January until May in the same Thursday timeslot, had they just aired one episode after the next. For some reason or another they’ve shrugged and decided not to do that — even when they should be milking their programming down the very last drop like a delicious peppermint mocha latte. Instead, they are stretching Gotham out like it is a twisted piece of taffy, hoping that all of that flavor lasts and they can end it a little bit closer to May sweeps.

While there is no official return date as of yet for Gotham, we know that Fox isn’t bringing the show back next week … or the week after … or even, shockingly, the week after that. Apparently the events of “I Am Bane” are SO awesome that Fox is trying to give you a long period of time to regroup yourself before the final episodes air.

The earliest you are going to see Gotham season 5 episode 11 on the air is Thursday, April 18 and with that in mind, the earliest that the series finale will air is on Thursday, April 25. It’s a long time to wait, but there’s a lot of great content worth looking forward to. Take for example, getting to see that epic flash-forward in the final episode. You’ve seen Gotham’s take for years on life pre-Batman, and we’re gearing up now to see what the world is actually like with Bruce Wayne running around in a fancy suit. Will David Mazouz do the same thing with his voice that so many other Batmen have? Asking all of the tough questions here.

What is confirmed about the series finale is that you’ll be seeing fancy, “evolved” versions of the Penguin and the Riddler — and Cameron Monaghan will surface at some point (whether it be in the finale or the episode before) as a “new” character. This is probably going to be weird, madcap, delightful, and a great celebration of these characters and this wonderfully-weird world. The best thing that Gotham ever did was fully lean in to the world of Batman and start to accept that this show didn’t have to be another crime show with some echoes of superheroes.

When will Fox release a few more details?

More than likely, by the start of April there’ll be a trickle of scoop regarding what’s coming up. We gotta think that the network is going to go big in giving us this proper ending, something that we have those bittersweet feelings in our stomach about already. It would’ve been great to get a season 6, or at least a longer season 5 with a full 22-episode order. Yet, we can’t be too bitter about the fact that we’ve got five seasons in the books.

Interested in some other news when it comes to Gotham?

Then head over to the link here — we’ll have all sorts of additional coverage leading into these big, final episodes.

What do you want to see on Gotham season 5 episode 11, and then with the series finale beyond it? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: Fox.)

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