The Blacklist season 6: Who will be this season’s Big Bad?

The BlacklistWe’re just about at the halfway point of The Blacklist season 6, meaning that this is when we have to start scratching our head over what the endgame is going to be.

Of course we’re talking about the endgame for this season — not for the world of The Blacklist as a whole. We know that there’s a season 7 around the corner, so we don’t have to worry that Raymond Reddington and his notorious crime-crew won’t be around for at least one more batch of stories. This means, though, that there may not be a pressing need to resolve every issue of identity or betrayal within this sphere … though the writers may very well try. We just know that The Blacklist loves to have their iconic villains, whether it be someone like Alexander Kirk, Mr. Kaplan (still a personal favorite), or Ian Garvey. These are the people who you center on and eventually realize that they are in opposition, that they have a final chapter and a likely end date. The moment that Mr. Kaplan starting (literally) showing where the bodies were buried, you knew how this tale would end for her.

Below, we have for you four different possibilities for how the remainder of this season could play out — at least in terms of Big Bads. Check that out, speculate in the comments, and remember to watch our latest video preview for Friday’s episode below! You can subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube to ensure you don’t miss out on our weekly Blacklist videos (new ones up every Friday night!). We even have an official The Blacklist playlist so you can catch up on past videos all about the show.

1. The President – It’s kind-of-crazy to envision that the man in the Oval Office could be the chief adversary for this season, but there’s an established history here; plus, it’s pretty darn clear at this point that POTUS is a driving force behind the conspiracy — one that’s stretched out through much of this season leading to Ziegler’s death last week. Reddington’s one of the only people with full knowledge of the truth, so he’s more than hoping for his death … he’s encouraging it. The big argument against POTUS as Big Bad is that you could easily argue that this will be resolved during “Bastien Moreau: Conclusion” on Friday night.

2. The Corsican – He’s already shown himself to be a nasty sort, an assassin who can swap personalities and has no problem taking out people on a grand scale. He’s the sort of horrifically-evil character with topical ties to life in 2019 that The Blacklist could milk a little while longer. The only argument against this is that Moreau isn’t really operating with so much of a vendetta against Reddington or the Task Force; he’s just doing his horrible job. He’s a dangerous pawn in a larger plan.

3. Someone we don’t know yet – Like we said, we’re only at the halfway point in this season! There is SO much more of an opportunity for something new coming down the line and doors that haven’t been opened yet. We don’t have full knowledge as to where the journey towards Reddington’s full identity will lead…

4. Raymond Reddington – Remember when Liz told him she loved him and how touching a scene that was? You can argue that this is where Liz willingly chooses to let her trail run cold in her search for his true identity. Yet, this “loving” relationship could turn dark and twisted once Reddington finds out for sure that Liz betrayed him — he doesn’t know yet. He suspects. That’s something very different from the truth. We knew where the truth got Mr. Kaplan and so many others who cross this man — and it could also get Dembe in trouble given how he’s now withholding information from Reddington, as well.

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Who do you want to see as the big bad for this season of The Blacklist? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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