‘Game of Thrones’ season 3: The structure of the scenes

“Game of Thrones” is still in the process of shooting its third season, and this really is going to be one with all sorts of interesting questions coming up just when it comes to its structure alone. For the first time, producers are going to be dividing up the third and fourth books of the George R.R. Marin series so that they can include all of the actors in each season, and this also means for them that there is an opportunity to tell a story that will not have viewers asking as many questions.

So are there going to be any sort of moves made on the show in order for this sort of storytelling to exist? We already saw during season 2 how there were many scenes that were created onscreen (especially with Robb Stark) to actually paint us a proper picture of what he was up to, while these scenes were mere exposition or hearsay in the books. In a new interview with MTV show writer and the creator of the “Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones” book Bryan Cogman claimed that we can continue expect something rather similar when it comes to occasional new scenes being filmed for season 3 that never existed in the book, and he also detailed something with Samwell that he especially loved doing last season that wes completely new:

“I certainly loved in Season Two getting to adapt the introduction of Samwell [when it comes to his father] … On the flipside, another scene I got to write for Season Two was another monologue for Sam about his mother giving him that little thimble, this one piece of goodness he held on to through all his adventures, and giving it to Gilly as a promise that he was going to return for her one day. That’s a scene that doesn’t exist in the books, that was something I dreamed up… It was a real thrill to do that, as well.”

Do you happen to enjoy some of the new scenes that play out in the series, at least so long as they stay true to the characters from the books?

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