Big Brother Canada 7 live feed spoilers: Sam overhears Adam, Dane

Samantha PiccoIt’s day 19 in the Big Brother Canada 7 house, and what Sam heard already today may be the big thing that shakes up much of the season.

For the better part of this season, the alliance of the Pretty Boys has been pulling strings, running the show, and trying to make one uber-power move after the next. They’ve played things fairly well in terms of building an alliance, maintaining the alliance, and not really letting anyone else in on what’s going on. We don’t like it — mostly because they’re not the most-likable dudes in the world — but at the same time, we applaud some of the hustle.

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Here’s the problem when you’re a big alliance full of cocky dudes: You slip up. You do one thing wrong and then everything comes crashing down. That one thing may have happened earlier, as Sam heard Adam and Dane doing a little bit of conspiring against her and Chelsea. Chelsea’s now in the know about it and while at first she was going through several stages of Big Brother grief, she’s now coming around to the idea that Dane, Adam, and maybe Anthony are all secretly working together and building as many puppet-strings as possible. What we’re setting up for now is a super-interesting situation in which this dominant alliance may not be so dominant anymore. What’s the incentive if you’re Sam, provided she wins HoH, to keep this group around if she may be a target? If just one person tells her that the bros are targeting her (Adam doesn’t want to do it himself, but he’s aware of it), then she could explode and nuke a couple of their games.

All of a sudden, this shift in the game could be what underdogs like Kiera, Estefania, Eddie, and Damien were waiting for — a small crack to infiltrate. Rather than just focusing on taking out the other side of the house and getting the game down to seven, the self-cannibalization is starting. We’re all for this as a Big Brother Canada viewer, so who cares if it’s going to hurt some of the players?

We should note this…

It’s possible that Sam actually won the Leon’s Lounge power, mostly so that viewers out there could watch the pot be stirred by her getting this dose of rather-welcome intel. (This is at least our theory at the time of this writing — let’s cross our fingers and see if something comes out.)

For those wondering, it does still seem like Kailyn’s going home. There’s still been a little bit of waffling, but nothing that makes us think that someone is dramatically flipping the table and altering the course of the game. There’s just no incentive to keep her over someone like Damien.

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What do you think Sam, Chelsea, and Kyra should eventually do with some of this news? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: Global.)

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