The Flash season 5 episode 18 return date hopes; Godspeed is here!

The FlashThere are two things that are going to make the wait for The Flash season 5 episode 18 into downright torture. The first is that it’s not going to be coming to The CW for a while. The second is that when it does, you’re going to see Godspeed in action!

How can we build up the hype around this character enough? We’re still not sure if we can, given that Godspeed is a very well-known villain from within the Flash comics world — he’s relatively recent, but that isn’t stopping him from being at the top of everyone’s “we need this character on the show NOW” list. He’s someone with a number of speed-related powers and easily, he’s the most-threatening speedster we’ve seen since Savitar. Granted, it’s not like we’ve seen all that many of them as of late as they’ve moved away from the typical speedster villains.

We don’t want to just stamp down any assumptions on the TV version of Godspeed just yet — there’s no guarantee that he will be wholly evil, just as there’s no guarantee he will be fully within the show’s proper timeline. There’s a chance he may exist fully in the future with Eobard, or be the reason behind why we’ve suddenly got future Cicada in the present timeline looking a dozen times harder to beat than the present-day version. He’s an international speedster of mystery, but the mere thought of him alone is enough to turn all of us Flash fanatics into chatterboxes for a while until we see what he’s really all about.

Consider “Godspeed” the episode where there could be a possible setup for him to be a Big Bad down the road — right now, we have two solid candidates in him and also Red Death, referenced recently in the Flash museum. It’s possible that was just an Easter egg and nothing more, but we’re absolutely not forgetting about it. It would be kind of cool if the writers actually planted Godspeed in here, even though their goal is to make him a villain all the way in a possible season 7 or even the final season of this show — whenever that may be. We know we’re getting one more year at least, but the impending end of Arrow has us thinking of superhero mortality perhaps a little bit more than we once did.

What else is bouncing around our brain regarding “Godspeed”? Well, it marks the directing debut of Danielle Panabaker — it’s pretty cool (Killer Frost pun intended) that the producers gave her this opportunity. There are clearly going to be challenges here, from potential multiple timelines to effects to putting on-screen a big-time comic character who people really love. We’re confident that she’s up for the challenge and we are expecting great things from her.

When will “Godspeed” come on the air?

At the very earliest, April 9 — The CW has repeats scheduled up until that date, and it’s a tad early to know if it could air either here or on April 16. The CW’s already announced the finale date of May 14 and that makes being “return-date detective” a little bit easier. Unless The Flash does some sort of two-hour episode in here somewhere, the latest we foresee it returning is April 16. Otherwise, the network may have to play a little bit of time-travel themselves. Be sure not to mess too much with the timeline, executives! You know how that plays out…

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