The Fix episode 2 preview: The next move for Robin Tunney, cast

The FixFollowing today’s premiere, are you interested in taking a look at what’s coming on The Fix episode 2? The next chapter of the series is coming onto ABC next week and it will pick up just about immediately after the events of the premiere. For Robin Tunney’s character of Maya, the objective here is clear: Trying to find a way to nail Sevvy, the actor and suspect who got away so many years ago. This is a story about trying to right a big wrong, but it’s also about soo much more than that. It’s also about repairing damage … and getting a little bit of revenge in the process.

There’s a reason why episode 2 is titled “Revenge,” right? Let’s talk about that for a while. Even though attorneys are often caught up in matters of right and wrong, there is a larger issue here sometimes. Every time you step into that courtroom, your reputation is on the line — the bigger the case, the higher the stakes. Everything was staked on what happened the first time around. When that fell apart, so did many a career amidst questions as to whether or not something more could’ve been done. Could someone else really have done better? You know that there are hundreds of power-hungry lawyers out there like sniping, claiming that they’re better. You gotta deal with that loss as an attorney and it’s so rare that you get a second chance. That’s going to drive someone.

The question that you gotta wonder, and the question that the series itself is going to be asking throughout, is just how far someone like Maya is willing to go.

Take a look at The Fix episode 2 synopsis with some more insight on what’s ahead:

Maya and Matthew search Sevvy’s house for anything that might lead to an arrest as they face mounting pressure from Wiest to build a case quickly. Meanwhile, Ezra tries to clean up Sevvy’s image and finds a new suspect to take the attention off of his client.

The winner of “person with the hardest job on the entire show” is clearly going to be Ezra, someone with the horrible responsibility of having to stop someone who is a ticking time bomb when it comes to allegations and PR. There are plenty of people out there who already have an opinion on Sevvy and that’s probably not going to change.

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That’s where you can see our full report on the ratings! We’re very curious to see how The Fix fares — it’s got this buzzworthy premise, and the presence of none other than Marcia Clark behind the scenes is going to be enough to get some people out there majorly intrigued. We don’t think we have to really spell out the OJ Simpson connections here … do we? At the same time, The Fix is suffering from a title here that really doesn’t fix just about anything.

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