NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 spoilers: Expect more of Linda Hunt

HettyRest assured, Hetty’s return for the NCIS: Los Angeles wedding last night was not a one-time thing as we will be seeing more of Linda Hunt throughout the remainder of the season. The Hetty hiatus (Hettiatus?) has finally come to an end.

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As many of you out there likely know already, Hunt’s been eager to return to the show for a while; yet, she’s also been recovering from a car accident from last summer. It is really one of those situations where you desperately want to have someone back, but you don’t want to apply any pressure since it really has to be on her own timetable. You don’t want her to aggravate an injury or, beyond that, have any resentment towards the show for pushing to bring her back too soon. The return should be a happy, joyous thing! It should be an occasion with smiles, hugs, and great one-liners … which really is what made the wedding the perfect time to have her back. Go ahead and try to think of a happier occasion for this character to come back.

Now that the big return has happened, it looks as though the wedding was always Linda’s target. This is what executive producer R. Scott Gemmill (who also wrote the wedding episode) had to say on that subject via TVInsider:

“We were waiting for her to feel well enough where she was comfortable [returning]. Linda knew we were going to do the wedding and she really wanted to be the officiant. That was a real incentive for her … Even though she was maybe still on the road to recovery, she did not want to miss that wedding — for our show family it was pretty special and everybody wanted to be there. She soldiered on and came.”

Gemmill also noted that Hunt is “raring to go” moving forward as Hetty, meaning that you’ll be seeing a lot more of her as this season progresses. We’re not going to take out a bullhorn and shout “she’ll be in every episode!”, as we imagine that the writers want to ease her back into the show to a certain extent. Yet, it’s going to be a thrill to have her back, both in terms of her own personal gravitas as a performer (she makes a lot out of just a few lines!) and also so that we can stop the revolving door of random NCIS bigwigs popping in and out throughout the season. Just think of everyone we’ve had as of late, from Kilbride to Ochoa to Rogers. We feel like the entire US government should know at this point that the Los Angeles field office can operate without oversight (they’re good guys — a little impulsive, sure, but good nonetheless), and with Hetty back, they have the leadership they need. She brings the calm, and her missions bring the storm.

The question in the air

With Hetty, the biggest question of course will be where in the world was she over the past few months? Can someone make a remix of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego set to Henrietta Lange for us? Hetty wasn’t recovering from an accident; she was off engaging in her typical world of mystery and secrets. With her long list of contacts and knowledgebase, she’s almost like Raymond Reddington if he was a good guy and also a had a really cool set of glasses that he wore all the time. She tells you a little bit about what’s going on, but then there’s that card or two she tucks away to play later. Maybe that card comes by the finale, or maybe she dishes it out in a possible season 11 — which we’re just assuming in our head it’s coming! We’re in a happy place right now when it comes to NCIS: LA, and don’t want to imagine anything coming in and spoiling our good time.

To preview what lies ahead on NCIS: Los Angeles moving forward…

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