Outlander season 4 questions: What’s next for Richard Rankin’s Roger?

Roger and BreeIt’s been a bit since we’ve shared our latest CarterMatt Outlander character questions feature, so for the sake of today, why not put the focus on Roger? He’s a man like no other within the Outlander-verse, someone who is smart and passionate and willing to learn and evolve. He’s also tremendously lucky to still be alive! Think about everything that the man went through, in between his voyage to America after going through the stones, the incident with Jamie, being brought to Shadow Lake, and then what actually happened there. The man is a survivor, and now that he’s on the other side of the chaos, he can breathe a little bit easier and start to build a life.

But what will that life look life? What other issues await him? There are certainly plenty of items worthy of discussion, and that is what we’re getting into here today.

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1. Can he and Brianna make their relationship work? – We know that these two have love for one another; however, they’ve also got baggage so heavy that it would sink a large rowboat. Roger’s going to have to show that he is a different man than he’s been, and he and Brianna need to be on the same page. They both often react when angry and we’ve seen the end result of that. For as much as they love each other, they really haven’t spent significant periods of time together. This is an opportunity to change that.

2. What sort of father will Roger be? – At the end of the season Roger finally discovered that he has a son, and also came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter whether or not the baby is his. He wants to be there and care for him and in our mind, that issue is settled. Roger doesn’t seem like the type to harp on paternity, especially given what Bonnet did to Brianna in the first place. The larger issue for Roger may just be learning the ropes of being a dad since all fathers go through that! We imagine that there’s going to be a few bumps along the way, given that there often is.

3. Can Roger and Jamie bury the hatchet? – All seemed to be settled in the brawl after Roger’s rescue, but is it really? They may not have a temptation to fight each other anymore, but that doesn’t exactly negate the possibility that those raw feelings could still be there deep inside. That may make Fraser’s Ridge a less-than-ideal environment for everyone, and we know that the show likes to paint the region with a warm, welcoming brush.

4. What does Roger do next in the 19th century? – He’s found the woman he loves and he’s now got a family. What does he want to do from here? He’s going to want to find his place in this world, whether it be as a writer, a historian, or someone who just wanders the grounds at Fraser’s Ridge. Roger, (like many other characters within Outlander) is built on purpose. He wants to be active and a part of something given that the alternatives are not something anyone wants to bear.

5. Could Roger want to return to the present? – He and Brianna are capable of time travel, but what about their baby? Is it better to raise them in this time? There is more family around, but there’s also infinitely more danger. Such are things that need to be pondered over, especially as the baby starts to become a toddler and then a young man.

No matter what happens, it’s easy to have the utmost confidence in Richard Rankin as a performer — he brought it in season 4, delivering Emmy-worthy performances across the board as Roger went through various circles of hell.

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