The Blacklist season 6 episode 12 promo: Gone in 60 seconds

BlacklistWe cannot hype up The Blacklist season 6 episode 12 enough. This is one of the most important episodes of the series. Raymond Reddington’s life is on the line, and this isn’t one of those manufactured scenarios where he’s at gunpoint and someone’s going to rush in and save him. Reddington actually feels like this could be it; it’s not something that we’ve seen from him over the years.

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But is the end really the end? With The Blacklist, you still can’t treat anything at face value. The promo below suggests that there may only be sixty seconds in order to save Reddington’s life at the moment, and we certainly know that this isn’t a lot of time. Heck, it’s not really any time. How can you turn something around when there are no real opportunities to do so?

While we think that Reddington really lacks any control in this scenario, we certainly think that he’s tried every little thing that he can. Consider the current situation involved the President and some of the individual Blacklisters who he has sent over to the FBI. Is it possible that all of this was really planned from the start? We’re actually inclined to think that it was! He may have known that there was a conspiracy afoot and the best way that he could save himself was allow the Bureau to eventually connect the dots and solve the case. The line that really stands out from this past episode is Reddington noted to Cooper just how good he is at his job. To us, this is almost akin to him handing down a vote of confidence — there’s no guarantee that Cooper will be able to pull off a last-second gambit, but with some quick thinking, he can save the day before the lethal injection hits.

What about a last-ditch curveball?

Is there a chance that the injectors rebel, or that someone busts Reddington out of this situation entirely? We don’t want to rule these sort of things out, but it also feels like too much of a stretch to have some magic twist come out of left field here that enables Reddington to be both out of prison and doing much of what he does best. If that happens, all it’s going to do is putting him in a position where he’s on the lamb … and there are SO many more people who know what he looks like. The public aspect of his case hasn’t really been discussed enough; this is a case that people are trying to use for the sake of political ambitions and future careers. They don’t care so much about Reddington; he’s just a pawn in their future plans.

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