The Voice UK review: Jimmy Balito, NXT Gen, Moya, & Knockout Rounds

Voice UK

Tonight, The Voice UK is bringing you the most jam-packed show of the whole season — the Knockout Rounds! This is where all of the remaining singers will fight for a spot in the live shows and the opportunity to really show the British public what they’re made of. They’ll be on the other side of pre-produced segments and into some firmly-exciting territory.

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As we do with all of our reviews, we’re talking all things The Voice UK live! Be sure to refresh this page often, as we’re going to be bringing you our hot-takes over the course of the episode. We’re going to note here that there are special celebrities stopping by to help (Olly Alexander, Nicole Scherzinger, James Arthur, and Anne-Marie), but that’s probably all end up saying on it.

Deana vs. Roger Samuels vs. Equip to Overcome (Team Tom) – There are a LOT of eliminations coming in this round. A LOT. Only one out of every three contestants is moving forward to the live semi-finals, and this one was tricky for Tom. Do we think that Roger made it a bit easier on Tom due to a gaffe in his performance? Sure, but Deana was by far the most intriguing of his contestants — and also one with the most potential to be something bigger on the other side of the show. Deana advances.

Connie Lamb vs. Moya vs. Sarah Tucker (Team Jennifer) – We’ll admit that Connie was thrown into the fire here — Moya and Sarah were BOTH powerhouse vocalists who brought everything to this show, and we honestly thought that Sarah was going to get it, especially after her fantastic performance of “The Edge of Glory.” (Remember, she still technically has a shot thanks to some votes from the British public.) For the time being, though, Moya is the only singer moving forward. Moya advances.

NXT GEN vs. Callum Butterworth vs. Gabriel Dryss (Team – Sometimes, you can almost flash-forward through a battle and get right to the finish line. That’s what this felt like. Will seemed to have a connection to NXT GEN from the start, and repeatedly tried to compare them to himself in the Black Eyed Peas. They are also polished and by far, the best of the trios we’ve got this season. As for the other acts, Will just didn’t have the investment in Callum and Gabriel, while better vocally tonight, just isn’t quite there as of yet. NXT GEN advances.

Eva Campbell vs. Harrisen Larner-Main vs. Jimmy Balito (Team Olly) – This was the most emotional battle of the night, especially after what Jimmy went through when it comes to a personal tragedy. Jimmy wasn’t even originally on Olly’s team, but we felt such a powerful connection between the two here. Given that we felt like Eva and Harrisen regressed in their own performances, we expected Jimmy to make it through. Olly agreed with this assessment. Jimmy advanced.

What do you think about tonight’s The Voice UK and the knockout rounds as a whole? Share right away in the comments! (Photo: ITV.)

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