Blue Bloods season 9 episode 17 review: Is Eddie’s partner a dirty cop?

Blue Bloods season 9

On tonight’s Blue Bloods season 9 episode 17, Jamie Reagan found himself in a little bit more precarious a position than usual. We don’t know how else you can describe a situation in which the character learned that there was a possible dirty cop within the precinct.

So what did Jamie want to do? At first, he wanted to go to IAB … but of course, he and Eddie did a little more digging. What Jamie ended up finding, though, was something that he did not expect: Eddie’s partner Maya may actually be the person in over her head, engaging in some less-than-legal stuff. We didn’t want to believe it, and we’re also sure that he didn’t want to believe it … but you have to follow the evidence sometimes as a cop and that’s precisely what he decided to do here.

Jamie kept what he was eventually told about Maya a secret, including from Eddie, until she was carted away in handcuffs. As you would imagine, she was not exactly pleased about this. We kept waiting for another twist within this story but none proved to be coming.

So what about some other stories within the Blue Bloods world? Take a look below…

Erin takes on euthanasia

There’s probably never going to be a case that actually comes out easy for Erin Reagan, and the same could be said for this one tonight. A man was accused of allowing his daughter to die, or rather being the one to kill her. He was a doctor, and it was her wish to die after years of suffering.

Erin wanted to prosecute the man, mostly because that’s what the woman’s mother wanted. She thought he was a murderer and wouldn’t see another side. Erin did her best to mediate the conversation between the two, and eventually, she came to the conclusion that the man was just trying to help his daughter. Everyone eventually agreed that he should still get a chance at life and she was recommending charges of manslaughter.

The return of Lenny

Frank’s old friend (played by Treat Williams) was back in New York, mostly to enjoy what seemed to be his last tour around the city. A damaging expose was about to come out, one that would show a number of difficult truths from the past. The question that he had to figure out was why. What went on so many years before that caused Lenny to be acting the way he was now?

Lenny didn’t want to tell Frank the truth about what really happened, mostly because this is the one thing he really cherished. As it turned out, the truth was that Lenny had a romantic relationship with the widow of a dirty cop from the past. Because he cared about the widow, he didn’t want to besmirch the dirty cop’s name. He was ready to take the fall for it himself.

The case of poisoned drugs

Danny and Baez took on a case tonight that was about artwork — or, to be specific, a murder of a woman named Danielle and some stolen artwork. Who killed a promising young artist? They did their best in order to follow the trail of the case, and Danny did a really good job of leading on a possible suspect and making him think that it was on his side. That’s when Danny got him to take the bait and admit that he knew how the artist was poisoned … something that only the killer would know.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Danny/Baez story was actually the least poignant of the ones we saw tonight and that’s a rarity. There was a lot of great stuff in this hour as a whole, though we are somewhat curious as to why we never figured anything out about Eddie’s partner beforehand.

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