MacGyver season 3 episode 17 review: A seed fault + Oversight’s secret


Tonight on MacGyver season 3 episode 17, the story kicked off with Mac and Desi in a rather shocking position — in bed together. This was a trademark bumper, a way to throw you into the action right away — before, of course, setting the stage for a different sort of craziness later. (No, Mac and Desi are not an item … though there could be some ‘shipping that in due time.)

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Tonight’s episode was just as much a murder mystery as anything, as Mac, Riley, and Desi were shipped off to Greenland to try and uncover something mysterious at a seed vault — a place meant to preserve the future of civilization in the event of a crisis. Someone not only was desperate to murder Carl (a guy who entered the vault and never departed), but they were willing to drill a massive hole in order to make it happen! They went through a lot of work when they didn’t need to … but why?

One of the best part of the episodes tonight was bearing witness to Mac and Desi trying to retrace the victim’s steps … which included Mac at times being dragged on the ground and then the two trying to match specific fight movements to replicate the struggle. Consider this the intersection of kicking butt and science.

Eventually, their investigating did lead to some interesting results — as it turns out, whoever drilled through that hole and killed Carl has been lurking around for months, and just was never spotted. Basically, we’re trying to say that he’s bad news — dangerous, unpredictable, and capable of making people super-miserable. He’s also planning to utilize a poison that, in the wrong hands, could take the lives of millions. Thanks to a few clues and some key intel at a cemetery, eventually Team Phoenix realized that their next destination needed to be Prague, where they had to stop the next move of the Jules’ plan. (That’s right, Jules — typically the name of a rich butler — is actually the bad guy. Or, so we thought.)

The more we learned in this episode, the more we realized that Jules was actually just a man who was out to get revenge on what happened to his family. It was never really about taking some seeds or impacting the human race — this is mostly just a story of revenge. Before Jules pulled the trigger on the man he wanted vengeance on, Mac was able to talk him down.

What’s going on with Oversight?

Our subplot tonight was a funny one, as Mac asked Bozer to do him a solid and look into precisely what is going on at the moment with Mac’s father — this included spying on him and taking notes.

As you would imagine, this didn’t work. Oversight figured things out in a reasonably short period of time … and he wasn’t happy. At that point, it felt like they were going to have to give up. Yet, Bozer detected something that could very well be the ticket to uncovering the truth.

So what was the truth? Well, it’s sad — as it turns out, Mac’s father has cancer and he’s getting treatments in secret. He didn’t want Mac to know because he didn’t want any sympathy for what he was going through.

CarterMatt Verdict

The best MacGyver episodes are the ones that give you a little bit of everything — luckily, this one did. You had a great A-story with a seed vault and some surprising outcomes. Meanwhile, in the second, you had a chance to learn something more about Mac’s dad and what was lurking behind the curtain. We just weren’t prepared for the way in which it ended with the reality that Mac’s father could die sooner rather than later.

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