Turn Up Charlie season 2 renewal: Should Idris Elba, cast return to Netflix?

Turn It Up CharlieFollowing today’s big debut, what are the odds of a Turn Up Charlie season 2 over at Netflix? Within this piece, CarterMatt is going to chart that out for you, but on the surface our first assessment is that it’s got a tough road ahead for it.

When you read the logline for Turn Up Charlie, it’s easy to react with some excitement. After all, it’s Idris Elba being a nanny / DJ! What’s not to like? This is a guy best known for being serious and dark (see The Wire, Luther, and of course, more Luther), and this allowed him a chance to have some fun and showcase a different side of himself. Remember that Elba is actually a DJ in real life, so this show enabled him to tap into some of his own real-life talents that not a lot of people know about. As for whether or not Elba is funny we’ve definitely seen via Saturday Night Live and The Office that he can thrive in comedic environments.

Unfortunately, this may not be one of them based on many of the reviews out there. Critics have not been altogether kind to Turn Up Charlie season 1, feeling like it doesn’t make proper use of its lead’s immeasurable talent. Poor reviews aren’t a great way to kick off a Netflix show, especially when so much of your viewership is based on recommendation and people looking for that immersive experience where they can just sit down with some wine and one of those Costco-sized buckets of cheese poofs to watch a few hours of TV. This experience is what worked for After Life, a new Netflix series featuring Ricky Gervais — it’s generated not only incredible reviews, but early renewal buzz already. We’re not so sure it’s worked for Elba here, as much as we may root for him as a performer.

Of course, don’t think that critics have THAT much control over a show’s success. It’s possible that Turn Up Charlie turns up some viewers all over the world even despite the reviews, based mostly on the fact that it’s a chance to see Elba do a comedy. If that happens and there are people who watch straight through to the finale, Netflix will likely just dust off the bad reviews and give this show another shot. They’re just not going to do it immediately — as a matter of fact, they’ve grown to be quite stingy as of late. While they have recently raised the price for their subscription in the United States, they’ve also canceled a number of shows including The Punisher, American Vandal, and just earlier this week One Day at a Time. They have no problem dropping something that they think is below their standard expectation — in the end, they could consider Turn Up Charlie to be in that mold.

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