Blue Bloods season 9 episode 17 video: Jamie, Eddie look into a dirty cop

Blue Bloods season 9

Tonight, Blue Bloods season 9 episode 17 is arriving on CBS and during it Jamie and Eddie are facing a new crisis. This isn’t just one that impacts them; it could echo through the entire police precinct.

At some point during this episode, Jamie will receive notification that there is a potential dirty cop within the NYPD, someone acting in opposition to the rule of law rather than for it. We don’t have to tell you that this is bad, and for Jamie as a Sergeant, it’s even worse. There’s been a possible traitor in the midst and he hasn’t been able to sniff it out. This could be tough to digest — it may feel like an indictment on his own abilities and beyond that, could lead to other officers being compromised. Corruption is a sickness that in the wrong environment, can easily spread from one person to the next when there’s a lot of pressure to support each other no matter what. Jamie and Eddie are both aware of this; the question that spawns as a result is how they want to take this issue on? There are two different perspectives as to how to deal with the problem, and both feel worthy in their own right based on the new sneak peek below.

1. Looping in IAB – Obviously, this is their job to look into corrupt officers and make sure precincts are above-board. It’s the right way to handle things in an official capacity, though there are some other clear problems here. Think this way — it may take them some time to get to the bottom of an investigation that Jamie and Eddie, with the right procedure, could solve ten times faster. Jamie still seems to be team IAB here, mostly because he knows the implications of him trying to investigate members of his own precinct; he’ll probably be met with his fair share of dirty looks … and also general defiance. That’s probably worse than the dirty looks.

2. Going it alone – There’s certainly something fun and adventurous about seeing Jamie and Eddie taking on the issue themselves, knowing that they’ve got the investigative skills to solve this riddle and take care of the person responsible. Jamie doesn’t want to do this — it could derail everything he’s built up — but that may not stop Eddie from going it solo. As a matter of fact, knowing Eddie she probably will go rogue, which could cause some more problems for herself and Jamie later on.

It’s always fun when Jamie and Eddie get along, but one of the reasons they’re attracted to each other is that they both speak their mind, and have strong opinions that they may not agree on, but have respect for. They’re strong personalities and Eddie’s a good cop because she follows her gut. If her gut is saying to go for it, then expect Eddie to do some detective work — and also engage in some arguments with Jamie before all of this ends. This could be one of the best stories for the two in some time — at least stories that are separate from the wedding.

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