Supernatural season 14 episode 16 preview: Monster in the woods

Supernatural season 13 posterInterested in learning all about Supernatural season 14 episode 16? Get set, as we’ve got an exciting, dramatic monster-of-the-week story coming up shortly.

The title alone here is worth a smile — “Don’t Go in the Woods.” We think that this sums things up perfectly, though more than likely there will be people who go in said woods. It’s a classic horror-movie trope — the last place people should go, they do. It’s like all the people who run upstairs when there’s a monster in their house, even though it’s pretty clear there is nowhere that they can really hide up there.

What makes the monster in this episode exciting? Below, CarterMatt has the official Supernatural season 14 episode 16 synopsis with more news as to what’s coming up:

WHISTLING IN THE DARK – Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are baffled when they come up against a monster they have never heard of before. Jack (Alexander Calvert) does his best to impress a new group of friends. John Fitzpatrick directed the episode written by Davy Perez & Nick Vaught. (#1416). Original Airdate 3/21/2019.

Saying “oh, there’s a new monster in this episode” may not sound like a particularly huge deal, but here’s why it is — you’re talking about two guys in Sam and Dean Winchester who have seen just about everything over the years — including probably some stuff that doesn’t make the cut of the show. Don’t you think that the boys go on adventures that we don’t see? We do. This monster’s going to be interesting, given that it could be a new creation or some sort of mystery wrapped within a much larger enigma. Maybe this is a monster that is a cover for a much more sinister monster lurking underneath.

As for the other storyline…

Jack makes friends! Isn’t that exciting? It is, but we’ll admit that we’re one of those Supernatural fans who revels in the monster-of-the-week storylines. Without these over the years, we have a good feeling that it wouldn’t be on the air anymore. “Don’t Go in the Woods” could be added to a special folder entitled “episodes of Supernatural that you watch on a rainy day.” We like being able to sit down and enjoy an episode sometimes without a larger context. Give us a creepy monster, some great Sam and Dean banter, Baby, and some cool action sequences. If you fit all of that into a single hour, more often than not we’re happy on the other side.

We especially hope we’re happy in this instance, given that on the other side of this one airing, there’s not going to be another new episode of Supernatural for a couple of weeks. This will be potentially the final hiatus of the season. (This is the sad time when we remind you that Supernatural season 14 only has 20 episodes, meaning that it’ll be over earlier than the bulk of the other shows on the network.)

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