Blue Bloods season 9: A week in the life of Donnie Wahlberg

Blue Bloods season 9Is Donnie Wahlberg one of the busiest men in TV? It’s hard to come up with many counter-arguments to that when you think about the sheer number of shows he has on the air (Blue Bloods and beyond) coupled with all of the work that he’s been doing with New Kids on the Block.

HERE, you can get a sense of just what Donnie has been up to this week on the set of the CBS series — and it’s a laundry list of cool stuff! Just take a look at his various activities below…

1. Getting hit by a car – Obviously, Danny Reagan’s going to be just fine. It’s probably just some criminal who is out to make a quick getaway before Danny can hop in his car and stop them. Still, he probably felt this for at least a few hours (if not longer) after the fact. Kudos to the stunt team and producers for making this look dangerous when more than likely, it wasn’t.

2. Getting immersed in trash – This feels almost more like a dare than something he did willingly … even if we’re pretty sure that it was. We just don’t know exactly what the purpose is of Danny getting knee-deep in garbage other than him digging for clues or being knocked out of second-story window into a pile. This seems like something that television shows like to do for comedic effect even though in real life garbage would never be all that soft to land in – what do people on the shows throw away to make this such a soft landing? Did everyone throw out their pillows, blankets and cushions on trash day and leave all their banana peels, broken glass and old toaster ovens for another day?

3. Donnie in a mask – Is he just trying to keep himself from getting sick? Seems like a reasonable guess given the low temperatures in New York and also that television sets are petri dishes of sickness. From our experiences being on some other sets, we tend to see at least one or two people who are sick without fail.

4. Wait, isn’t Danny Trejo in one of these pictures alongside Lou Diamond Phillips? The simple answer is yes, there is some Danny Trejo love in here. We don’t want to confirm that he’s appearing on Blue Bloods just because of a single image, but it’s certainly a good clue. Also, we maintain the belief that everything within the known universe is better with a little bit of Danny Trejo included.

When’s the next new episode of Blue Bloods airing?

Think Friday night at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time.

(Photo: CBS.)

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