Siren season 2 episode 9 return date hopes for Eline Powell, cast

Siren - FreeformFollowing tonight’s midseason finale, what could the Siren season 2 episode 9 return date be … and what could be coming? That’s the focus of this very article! If the show has you begging for the return date on the other side of the midseason finale, then clearly, they are doing their job.

(Don’t worry — we’re not going to be giving away any major spoilers within this article from the midseason finale, just in case you are behind.)

This is going to be the last episode for a while — that much is assured. Siren billed tonight as the spring finale for a reason. Freeform wants to give the show some breathing room and come back later in the year with the remaining eight. The clear benefit of doing this is that it gives them an opportunity to have more episodes throughout the year and with that, more buzz. It’s something that they’ve done in the past with Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, and a number of other shows. Siren may only be 16 episodes (some of those shows had 20), but the strategy here works.

Update: Freeform confirmed tonight a July return date.

At the moment, our feeling is that we won’t see more Siren until at least June, if not longer. What could be especially novel is that by the time that episode 9 rolls around, Freeform may have decided to stamp a green light for a season 3! We don’t think that they’re going to wait too long to issue a renewal, and it’s certainly one that we think is coming. Maybe Freeform chooses to make an announcement at upfronts, or maybe they actually do Siren fans a solid and choose to confirm things a little bit earlier. Why not make it a little bit easier on everything?

As for precisely what’s coming up next…

One of the biggest things we would like to see coming up is a chance to crack further into the individual mermaids (beyond Ryn, of course) and understand more of just who they are and what makes them the characters they are. The more we can get some of that personal insight, undoubtedly the better off this series will be!

As we start to learn more about the mermaids, we’ll in turn have a chance to understand more of what they’re fighting for … and the dangers that humanity face. If you want to look at Siren from a social-commentary perspective, you can view some of these mermaids as the voices for the voiceless in the sea. They spread the message and hopefully, viewers watching at home will listen. If this fictional world does help us to care for our oceans, that validates it further (not that it really needs that much validation — we are talking about an engaging drama that also makes you think — it’s hard to ask for too much more).

For some more news when it comes to Siren…

We suggest that you visit the link here right now! Once we’ve got more news on the return date, we’ll have that for you here.

What do you want the Siren season 2 episode 9 return date to be? Share some of your thoughts in the comments! Absolutely, stay tuned to get some more news. (Photo: Freeform.)

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