Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 5 preview: Wardog’s bold move

WardogAs we look ahead to Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 5, the obvious question is this: Will the original Manu tribe stop the bleeding? It’s been four straight episodes where one of them went home and as of right now, we’re not fully over losing Rick Devens from the newly-formed Lesu tribe — he was one of our favorites! Why did it have to be him? This tribe better hope that they can muster up some sort of challenge might since otherwise, they’re careening right off a Survivor cliff.

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So where are we venturing towards now? Based on the preview that we saw at the end of the episode tonight, Wardog is going to prepare for what seems to be his final endgame: Splitting up Lauren and Kelley Wentworth. Strategically, this makes a TON of sense. Tonight, he took out Rick Devens. Now, he wants Lauren out of the game — doing this separates her from Kelley Wentworth, who he probably wants all to himself as his main ally. He wants someone to be his ride-or-die, but the problem with targeting Lauren now is that Kelley doesn’t suffer fools. The moment that he suggests this, she’s gotta know what he’s up to. Maybe that makes him a target, but maybe Lesu will actually get lucky and win something!

As for what’s happening elsewhere, it’s looking possible that Wendy may be getting inroads with the new Manu tribe — even to the point where one of the bros could be targeted! Aubry Bracco is the perfect person for her to be paired with in so many ways — Aubry has this real knack for taking disenfranchised players and getting the best out of them. She’s like the Pied Piper for questionable Survivor players, but don’t slam Wendy too much since, despite some of her antics, she’s still finding a way to stick around. She’s there and other apparently good players like Rick aren’t.

What about the Kama tribe?

Well, it still feels like this group is the boring one of the season. It doesn’t have that much to do with the personalities but rather how great they are. They win everything! That’s what happens when you’ve got Joe Anglim, who is slowly and surely winning people over. We’re not sure that it will do anything to actually keep the target off of him, mostly because he is Joe and therefore, he is a Survivor god. He’s so good that at this point, people have to realize that he may be too good. We’ve said this about Joe for years and it bears repeating.

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