Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 4 review: Lesu is (not) more

Edge of Extinction

Early on during Wednesday’s Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 4, we had a sense of chaos. First, Wendy was still freaking out about the chicken. Then, we had a tribe swap like we haven’t really seen before.

The results of this swap were truly bonkers — basically, it was like two tribes stay the same and the third was mostly Kama … with one key exception.

Blue (Manu) – Wendy is joining Aubry, Victoria, Gavin, and Eric in this new group … which is still at her old beach.

The real story here after the formation of this tribe is Wendy proving that her oddball behavior was not a consequence of the people she was with. She freed the chickens! It’s totally hilarious and probably bad strategy, but we actually appreciate her doing whatever she wants on a tribe where she is so obviously on the bottom. What are they going to do, vote her out even harder?

Given that Manu actually won immunity, it doesn’t matter — Wendy gets to be safe, and more than that, it doesn’t seem like that injury is going to be sending her home for now.

Yellow – Joe Anglim gets to stick around the Kama tribe! Now, he’s there with Aurora, Julia, Julie, and Ron. Even though there’s not a lot of physical power here, one Joey Amazing is basically the equivalent of about three other normal contestants. They made short work of immunity, so nothing else really matters. It’s possible that these five are going to make it to the merge without playing for a single second!

Green (Lesu) – Basically, this is all Manu as Lauren, David, Kelley, Wardog, and Rick are going to keep doing what they’re doing … albeit at a new beach. The setting isn’t the problem here, as they still lost and they’re still miserable. We thought that this would be better for them, but Kelley and David are surprisingly bad at puzzles. Aren’t these two more equipped to do this than just about anything else?

These five were all really close, even with David and Rick conspiring to get rid of Wentworth for a big part of the game. The edit suggested that Lauren was the obvious boot, mostly because she was not eating and sad and upset. Yet, David and Rick misread the situation about Lauren having the idol. They thought Kelley did! Wardog was the one in control of the vote and for him, it probably made the most sense to get rid of Lauren, mostly because if he wants to be close to Kelley, getting rid of her ally could force them together.

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The result at Tribal Council

Entering Tribal tonight, we didn’t have a great read on what would happen. It’s hard to when Wardog is basically a brick wall when it comes to what he’s really thinking. This was a little too sweet and kumbaya for our taste — where’s the fighting? Where’s the backstabbing? There were really only two questions worth wondering: Who would Wardog side with, and would Lauren play the idol? If we were Lauren, we would absolutely play it. There’s probably another idol out there, and the margin is so small! You know people are coming for you, so are you really going to trust in one person in Wardog to do the right thing?

Yet, she didn’t play it! She kept it to herself and that was a play of extreme confidence. It payed off, since Rick was the person voted off in the end. Now, David’s really alone and is left to scramble.

CarterMatt Verdict

Losing Rick tonight stinks just because he was our Survivor goofball and one of our favorite players. Of course, his game isn’t over yet. He’s heading to the Edge and by far, he’s our favorite overall player there! He just got caught in a tough spot here.

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