Is Hannah Brown the new Bachelorette? After the Final Rose talk

Hannah BrownAt the end of tonight’s finale for The Bachelorwe finally got a chance to see the question answered that’s been on our mind for a while: Is Hannah Brown the next Bachelorette?

As many people out there know, Hannah’s name has fluttered in and out of the press for the past few days — especially when she was spotted with a camera crew around the University of Alabama! Given that “Roll Tide” is one of Hannah’s favorite things to say, we can’t be altogether shocked that this would be a spot that production would love to focus on to some degree.

It was even easy to see why The Bachelor would want to make Hannah their next star, mostly because she was A) memorable from this season and B) very much different from anyone we’ve seen on the show as of late. She’s over-the-top, energetic, and she has some very obvious similarities to Emily Maynard, arguably one of the most-popular Bachelorettes that the franchise has ever seen.

During the finale, it was OFFICIALLY confirmed that Hannah was the new Bachelorette, and production decided to do something a little bit different: Showcasing Chris Harrison calling her and giving her some of the news. She, of course, was elated, and she certainly seems happy to have the gig.

Meet Hannah’s guys…

At the end of the episode tonight, the show decided to completely throw Hannah for a loop and introduce her to some of her guys. Has Hannah not seen the show before? If this is any sort of indictment as to what we’re in for the rest of the season, we’re going to be in for a little bit of chaos. We met a few different guys from different parts of the country, including the dude from Austin who decided to rap and then say Roll Tide within the better part of a few minutes.

What this closing segment really showed us is that The Bachelor / The Bachelorette are pretty incredible at producing TV on the fly … which is important, given that they need to be if this segment was ever going to work. (We just wish that there was a trap door to send that dude through who decided to make a “Goin’ South” comment in the middle of the show.)

Bachelorette history

Just in case you needed something more dramatic to tack on the end of the finale, Hannah decided to hand out a rose. So … who did she decide to give one to? This took forever because of all of the music and her giving some really ridiculous, drawn-out speech. In the end, though, this was endearing — Hannah was kind of awful at the whole process, but that actually made it all the more fun. She clearly doesn’t know what she’s doing and that’s acceptable at this point.

For some more thoughts all about The Bachelor finale…

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What do you think about Hannah Brown being the next star of The Bachelorette? Do you think that it’s the right choice for production? Share some of your thoughts in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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