The Bachelor finale: Hannah Godwin, Tayshia Adams dumped

Colton UnderwoodTonight’s The Bachelor finale served one purpose more than any other — watching Colton try to put out fires that he already started.

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Through his fence-jumping spectacle at the end of this past episode, what we learned was that he was in love with Cassie Randolph — who was ironically the one woman remaining who hadn’t confessed any deep feelings for him. If he wanted to be with her, or at least have a chance at being with her, he had to end things with both Hannah Godwin and then also Tayshia Adams.

These breakups were unexpected at this point, but emotional — typically when you get this far in the final three of The Bachelor, you think that your relationship is going to go the distance. You’ve convinced yourself because of all the time you’ve spent together (which really isn’t that much) that your relationship is the relationship that has actually figured it out. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and sometimes, you end up being the person who cries uncontrollably in front of the cameras. Nobody wants to be that person, but it happens and there’s certainly no fault in that.

Of Hannah and Tayshia, we’d say that Tayshia’s exit was the more teary-eyed and emotional of the two. Meanwhile, we’d give the award to Hannah for being the angriest. She had a right to be — she thought that she was the one and beyond that, he had given her quite a bit of love and attention. He leaned on her and still, he sent her home. It’d be one thing if it was with another woman who said “I love you” to him … but it wasn’t.

Will Hannah and Tayshia be on Bachelor in Paradise?

Well, we consider that to be the silver lining if there is a silver lining if there ever is one — these two will be locks to get on that show if they want to be a part of it. For now, it seems like Hannah brown is the favorite to become The Bachelorette, so these two aren’t going to get that invite.

Hannah in particular is the sort of person who will be immediately popular in Paradise — she’s got a huge social following for example, so some of the thirstier dudes are going to be pursuing her. She needs to parse things out if she’s there and separate the contenders from all of the pretenders. Tayshia’s going to get that opportunity too if she wants it, but we hope these two actually think about it before just signing on the dotted line immediate. There are some disadvantages that come with taking on the gig.

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