The Flash season 5 episode 16 video: A flaw in Thawne’s plan

Reverse Flash -We have certainly come to know about many things with Eobard Thawne on The Flashbut a major one is that he constantly seems to have everything all figured out. There’s probably a lot of time to do that when you’re a time-traveling speedster.

So for something to throw off Eobard, it’s gotta be a pretty big deal … and that seems to be the case moving into the next new episode entitled “Failure is an Orphan.” In the new video below, executive producer Todd Helbing notes that something (or someone) will arrive in the future that throws a serious wrench in Thawne’s plan. In Helbing’s own words, this person “destroys everything” that the two have been working on.

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So who could this be? We love theories about The Flash as much as we love pizza (and we love pizza a lot!), so check out a few that we have below.

Barry Allen – What if Barry’s figured things out in this episode and decides to pay Thawne a visit? That’s certainly enough of a reason for Nora and Eobard’s relationship to fall into pieces. It doesn’t necessarily have to even be the same Barry as the one we’ve seen in the present. If Savitar (a time remnant version of Barry) can invade the timeline as he did in season 3, can’t another Barry creep into the picture here and create problems? (We have this image of 70-year speedster grandpa Barry running through our heads.)

Godspeed – We know that this comic-book villain (a reasonably-new one who is beloved by fans in the DC community) is coming soon. It’d make some sense for him to turn up here. If he’s really meant to be a notable villain, it’s hard to imagine him being in the present — there’s been nary a whisper of him at the Flash Museum and we know how this show loves their foreshadowing.

This is the likeliest answer, largely because we already know Godspeed has a role to play this season.

Bart Allen – Let’s get weird now. In the comics, Bart is the grandson of Barry and Iris, but we’ve already seen the family tree toyed with on this show already. He could have some other relation to Barry and Nora here, and possibly be someone from another timeline (the future of the future?) who comes and informs Nora that working with Thawne is bad news.

We wager that this is a long-shot, kind of like some obscure villains (see Mazdan or Rose and the Thorn) turning up in the future. But if The Flash is really considering roping in Red Death (a corrupted evil speedster version of Bruce Wayne) it’s hard to imagine any option being completely off the table. We didn’t really see Nora coming on until the moment it happened.

For another way to look at what’s coming up next, we highly suggest reading our full preview piece here.

What do you think is coming on The Flash season 5 episode 16?

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