Starz promo highlights Outlander, Power, The Spanish Princess, more

Starz -For those who were concerned that Outlander would find itself ignored more by Starz within a post-Chris Albrecht world, hopefully the following promo below reminds you that this isn’t happening.

Today, the network released a new “What’s to Come in 2019” promo featuring footage from several of their biggest shows including the aforementioned period drama, Power, the upcoming The Spanish Princess, American Gods (which is technically already underway), and more. Note that this isn’t a complete package per se of everything that you’re going to see this year. There are some shows premiering later this year that there may not be a whole lot of footage for just yet, and there are others that may just not have made the cut.

This video is more or less Starz’s version of a hype reel that sports arenas play before introducing the starting lineup of a basketball team; it feels like the real purpose of this is to get people on board looking for mentions of Outlander and Power, and then keeping them so that they see teases from shows like Now Apocalypse and Vida. Some shows have solid followings, while others need a little more love. We know Starz adores Vida and Sweetbitter, and that’s why they renewed them even despite small audiences.

The one part of this video that is very curious to us is its title. Does “What’s to Come in 2019” mean that Outlander season 5 is coming before the end of the year? We understand why you’d get that impression, and if it’s not turning up until 2020 (which has always been our impression) the title is a little bit misleading.

Technically, we’ve already gotten new Outlander in 2019 courtesy of the final episodes of season 4 — you could view that part of the promo as a reference to that. Season 5 hasn’t formally even begun production yet, so to us it feels like somewhat of a pipe dream that you’ll see something arrive on Starz before the end of the year. The best thing you can hope for is possibly December, and maybe you’ll get a few episodes there and it will carry over into early 2020 the rest of the way. Long Droughtlanders are awful, but we’ll take that over a rushed season any day of the week.

We’re a little more confident a new Power season is coming in 2019 — Starz has been a little more consistent about its release window for that show.

If you missed it … check out our new video below for some thoughts on Outlander and its current Emmy odds! Remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for our weekly Outlander videos (they are up every Sunday!). We also have a full playlist for the show that is definitely worth a look to catch up on some videos you may have missed.

When will we be confident in a projected premiere date for Outlander?

When Starz officially attaches a date to it within the video itself, as opposed to just a title or a description on YouTube. The actual video makes no real mention of a 2019 start; if you’ve been around these mean Starz streets for a while, you’re familiar with how they sometimes show a date below the show’s title at the end of preview. That doesn’t happen here; it’s just Outlander, the logo, and then on to the next show in the montage.

Be excited for what’s coming on Starz — just be cautious and temper some expectations. A pleasant surprise is almost always a thousand times better than a soul-crushing disappointment … like thinking for sure that more Outlander is coming this year.

What are you the most excited to see on Starz this year?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! (Photo: Starz.)

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