Big Brother Canada 7 live feed spoilers: The vote debate continues (day 9)

Life in the Big Brother Canada house today has been interesting, mostly due to the way in which everyone is over-analyzing everything but nothing actually seems to be getting done.

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Let’s focus mostly here on the vote. Kyra and Maki are likely going to remain the nominees tomorrow after the Veto Ceremony, and despite Dane’s intention to not send Maki out of the game this week, it does still feel like there’s a reasonably good chance that this could end up happening. Maki hasn’t really done a lot to win over any new votes, and Kyra seems to have done a good job making some of the bros plus Chelsea think that they are on their side. Kyra’s plan is supposedly to nominate Kiera and Kailyn, or at least that is what they are saying. Kyra feels as though Kailyn is one of the people responsible for her present in-game predicament and for Kyra, they see getting her out as an opportunity to better help their game.

The case to keep Kyra now is mostly that for the dominant crew, it doesn’t seem like they are coming after any of them. Meanwhile, Maki’s a little bit harder to figure out precisely but they know that he’s much more of a threat in competitions. It’s mostly just about getting the votes at this point. (The funniest part of the exchange today was Dane telling Adam that if he fights to get rid of Maki now, Adam needs to be okay with cutting Sam later.) The push to split up Sam and Adam is still very much there as the two continue to get closer … though we’ll admit that the part we’re finding the funniest is how jealous Adam seems to get anytime Mark is even within a couple of feet of her.

As for some other funny odds and ends from the day, Kyra ended up telling Sam that Cory tried to make a final two with them just a day after entering the house, and Sam of course relayed that to Adam. There’s been a lot of downtime today and people hanging out, but we’re starting to get a better sense as to who some of the players are in the game. Some of them (Estefania) are doing a good job of laying low and not getting involved the chaos. Others, like Damien, are building good bonds with an array of people and setting themselves up rather well after an early scare in the game. We think that a lot of the Pretty Boys are safe for a while, but mostly because Adam is such an enormous threat.

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