Is Madam Secretary new tonight on CBS? Season 5 episode 16 details

Madam SecretaryIs Madam Secretary new tonight on CBS? Given that there is a new episode of God Friended Me, it’s fair to imagine that you’d see some other network shows in tandem. In between these two shows as well as NCIS: Los Angeles, CBS has found itself a pretty formidable lineup these days!

Unfortunately, this is not a lineup that is fully intact tonight — while God Friended Me is in fact airing a new episode tonight, we can’t pass along the same good news when it comes to the other shows. Consider this Elizabeth McCord taking a brief recess before coming back to CBS next week. (The only reason we think this is going to be a problem for people is that there have been a lot of recesses as of late — tonight, the show is off the air because of a Grammy special.)

So if you do want to know some of what’s coming up next on the show, have no fear — we’ve got some new details! When we first looked ahead to episode 16 last week, we didn’t have any official information from the network. Times have changed now, and we’ve got for you the official synopsis below for what’s ahead:

“The New Normal” – When a super typhoon threatens a small Pacific island, Elizabeth tries to relocate its population before the storm makes landfall. Also, Henry gives a speech to an evangelical group about climate change, on MADAM SECRETARY, Sunday, March 17 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

After reading this, does anyone else think automatically about the North Sentinel Island? That is a remote island within the Indian Ocean that is one of the last untouched places on Planet Earth. As a matter of fact, that island is so untouched that it’s dangerous for anyone to make contact with settlers because of the disease. We’re not sure that it’s this sort of remote island that is threatened here, but wouldn’t that be another way in which to amplify the drama a little bit? We’d like to think so. The more important thing is seeing how quickly Elizabeth can mobilize forces and aid to a place that needs it most. It’s one of the most important jobs of being Secretary of State — she’s a representative of American values on the world stage, and there are so many who are meant to look at this country as a beacon of hope. This is a chance to amplify that message.

As for the Henry story, there is another important point here — trying to convince people that climate change is real when they are not altogether to believe so otherwise. In these sort of situations, the #1 thing that you can do is try to find a way to get on the level of those you are speaking to — making these evangelicals realize that climate change is not an affront to their own beliefs and that they can still practice what they choose while also still recognizing the realities of a changing earth. It’s not an easy task, but Madam Secretary is a show that likes to find solutions to difficult issues. This could be the perfect example of one.

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