Is Call the Midwife new tonight on BBC One? Taking a look ahead

Call the Midwife season 8Is Call the Midwife new tonight on BBC One? This show serves as a wonderful sense of Sunday night escapism and because of that, it does make a great deal of sense to continue to want to venture into this world. You want to see the stories of triumph, you want to feel the heartbreak, and you want to understand all the better the tumultuous nature of what it was truly like to live within that time. It was an era where nothing was guaranteed and there were significant hurdles that needed to be jumped over at every turn.

Yet, somehow, the midwives and sisters and Nonnatus House find a way to keep persevering. That is a tremendous part of this series’ overall charm — this is a show that is fundamentally about characters finding a way to keep living and to see the other side. They’ve formed a loving, caring community, and that is precisely what they need in order to ensure that they make it to the other side.

Unfortunately, though, there is no new episode of Call the Midwife tonight, and nor is there likely to be a new episode until Christmas — unless the BBC decides to throw us one of the biggest curveballs in history and determines we need more NOW. (Who would really mind that?)

The bad ness is that last week’s finale (read the full review), which brought you sadness for Valerie Dyer but then also more moments of hope from Shelagh and Dr. Turner with May, was the season 8 finale. Yet, how is this for hope on the other side? There is not only a Christmas Special coming, but also three more seasons of Call the Midwife overall! Following the finale, the BBC decided to throw a high number of additional episodes your way. This further cements the Call the Midwife empire as precisely what it is — an empire. This series has inspired product lines, stories, and even location tours. There are NO plans for it to end.

What should the story be from here?

We do think, moving into season 9, that it would be nice to see one relationship stick for one of the central midwives. Maybe it is Lucille with Cyril, or maybe Trixie finally gets a more stable romantic relationship that remains a part of her life for a substantial period of time. It’s just that with Barbara now gone, we don’t really have a long-term relationship that is present within the Call the Midwife world.

In terms of the midwife profession, we’re getting ever closer to the seventies, a time in which technology does become more and more of a driving force behind how midwives operate. The more that this becomes a theme with some of the individual stories, the more accurate it will be. We don’t think that Call the Midwife will ever last long enough that being a midwife is anything like what it is in 2019, but there are more chances to see somewhat of a bridge built between where they are now and also how they were then.

Want some more news on Call the Midwife now?

Then be sure to head over to the link here, as that is where you will see some more information when it comes to the show’s epic renewal.

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