Better Call Saul season 5 and our hope (already) for a season 6

Better Call Saul season 4We should go ahead and get the following out of the way: It’s absurd to be thinking about a Better Call Saul season 6 before the fifth season even comes out. We’re fully aware of that.

Yet, we live in this world now of almost-instant gratification, where we want something that is just somehow out of reach. We have another batch of episodes and our proclivity is to and “and what after that,” just as we’re often wondering what’s for dessert before we even sit down for dinner.

When it comes to Better Call Saul, the added temptation and desire for more likely stems from the show’s own mortality. There’s already a public sense that this is a series in its waning hours — Breaking Bad only ran for five seasons and while we understand those seasons were often longer than Better Call Saul’s, five seasons is still five seasons. If you want to think about absurdity, it’s comical to think that this prequel will actually have more seasons than the show it’s based on.

Yet, here we are, thinking most likely that Better Call Saul season 5 will likely lead into season 6 … largely because there is no public indication that there’s an end in sight. New episodes start filming next month, and the writer’s room first kicked off work long ago. There’s been ample time to announce a final season on the AMC end … unless, of course, they have some secret reason for hiding the news. What’s the point in really doing that, other than to give a show that doesn’t need more press an extra dose, anyway?

Based on where the narrative is at present, there is clearly enough juice left to squeeze for a couple more seasons. Jimmy McGill just made the decision that he wanted to become Saul, and has filed the paperwork accordingly. There’s no formal practice, no real clients, and no fully-fledged persona as of yet. While we don’t need this story to venture into the days of Walt and Jesse (that is a story that has already been told), we would appreciate a chance to see how Saul gets there, and how he manages to make a crooked lawyer into a massive success story.

More so than that, it would be nice to have closure on Kim Wexler, see where Howard Hamlin ends up, and then eventually revisit Gene for a substantial period of time as opposed to just a few minutes at the start of a given season. Gene is the series’ missing link, the question we still want more answers on. He is the only mystery that really matters when Breaking Bad addressed so much else. Unless Kim dies, for example, there’s a chance for her to surface there. Hope exists for redemption, and for this story, odd as it may be, to have a happy ending.

Even though we shouldn’t, we still believe in Jimmy — even if we don’t believe in Saul. Maybe we’re a little like Kim Wexler that way. We are holding out for the hope of something that may or may not happen, but it is precisely what the producers want. Without that hope, that idea for what the future could be, why keep watching when you know the end? That’s at least our sentiment entering Better Call Saul season 5, and the next few months will be our chance to see whether or not our season 6 gambit is right. Give us that, give us a Gene storyline, and all will be right in the world — even if it isn’t for the title character.

How confident are you in the chances of a Better Call Saul season 6?

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