The Blacklist season 6 spoilers: The Man in Cairo’s role

The BlacklistWho is the Man in Cairo on The Blacklist season 6? At the moment, this is clearly something you’re meant to wonder. Jon Bokenkamp and the writers didn’t just throw that character into the world of the show for nothing. They want you to be wondering over this individual, their purpose, and their connection to Reddington’s case.

At the moment, things are bleak for James Spader’s character. More than bleak. Not even the cast from Prison Break could save him now. He’s set to receive a lethal injection that will soon end his life … unless there’s another way. The Man in Cairo may be the only way, and it may be up to Liz to find him. He hoped that the Cryptobanker would have a clue, or at least a breadcrumb; alas, someone already devoured all of that bread. That’s left Reddington starving and without many angles for help.

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Let’s go ahead and make one thing clear — the Man in Cairo was not some insignificant drop-in, or some minor character whose story will go nowhere. It doesn’t seem like they are a red herring. They are hugely important to what is coming up somehow. This is what Bokenkamp had to say on the matter to TVLine:

He’ll be pretty significant. Looking ahead, things only become more dire. Reddington’s not just in prison anymore, he’s shipped out to Terre Haute for an execution in what are the most dire circumstances we’ve seen him in before. Some incredibly emotional scenes and some great acting come out of the episodes that are to come. He’s all but grasping at straws, and I don’t think Reddington ever thought he would be in his place.

The man in Cairo represents maybe the last lifeline he might have, but even just calling him “the man in Cairo” — we know so little about him and who this person is, how he might be able to help. Liz’s desperation is coming from a genuine place, because they’re out of time. People always say that a certain location is a character, and the clock is definitely a character in this next episode, because they are quite literally out of time.

“Desperation” to us is the biggest word Bokenkamp says, as it echoes a sentiment we first uttered last night: Liz doesn’t want Reddington to die. It’s important to draw that distinction. Her main goal behind sending him to prison was to get him out of her hair so that she could pursue his true identity. We don’t think that it even had to do with him suffering at all for his sins. There’s just nowhere else that can hold him, and prison barely can. It almost didn’t, based on his bold attempt to skedaddle that we saw at the end of this past episode.

Liz is going to want to help him, and we imagine that she will use however many phone-a-friends she can in between industry contacts, government officials, and key people within Reddington’s network. For Dembe, it’s likely the same. It’s about finding the right person at the right time with the power to slow down the needle, and maybe the Man in Cairo is a guy who knows a guy … maybe a Man in America. Maybe the Man in America then knows a guy who can stop the injection and recognizes Reddington’s twisted value. We don’t think Liz alone can turn the tide of an entire legal process, but there are certain individuals within this world who can.

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