God Friended Me episode 16 video: Is Rakesh’s job in jeopardy?

God friended me
It was only on this past episode of God Friended Me that Rakesh finalized his new gig with Simon Hayes — and it’s a pretty impressive one! Somehow, the guy managed to convince Simon that he was so good that Simon needed to move an entire team to New York City so that he could work with him. This is like some next-level Jedi mind trick given his experience … and the fact that he only recently met the guy. We give Rakesh all the credit in the world, but it looks like now, he may need all the luck in the world to be able to keep this job.

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Is it possible that Rakesh could actually be fired at the end of Sunday’s episode? The promo indicates as much, mostly because of how eager Rakesh is to find out key intel on the God Account. Someone’s running the show, and it’s easy to surmise based on the information we know that this someone is Simon. He’s got the intellect to do it, and he also has the incredible ability to be cagey about every little thing that he does. He hasn’t really even told Rakesh what he’s being set up to do! Simon is basically wearing a shirt with “I AM SUSPICIOUS” written on the chest of it, so you can’t be shocked that Rakesh would want to look through a personal computer for evidence.

Here is the problem — Simon catches Rakesh doing this, and that leads to him threatening to call security at the end of the promo. Nervous yet? Well, you may not need to be. It’s possible that this is a serious, “crisis” moment. Or, it’s also possible that we’re just looking at a case here of someone in Simon who is just messing around with the guy. The whole point of a promo is to convince you to watch! Seeing Rakesh almost get fired from a job he just started is a pretty compelling teaser … in addition, of course, to everything else that happened on this past episode.

For a little bit more discussion on that, just remember where this past episode left off when it comes to Miles and Cara — the two were out to dinner together, actually having the first real, romantic moment of their relationship. Everything was starting to move in the desired direction … until, of course, the God Account reared its head in the most inopportune of times. What did you expect, some sort of actual, normal night of celebrating love for these two? We think that Miles and Cara could eventually get there as a couple, but don’t be shocked if they hit some major bumps in the road along the way. For starters, we’re still in season 1 — how many couples really work out in season 1? Also, eventually they could become so immersed in work that they’ll consider the relationship to be a distraction from that.

We want there to be progress, but we also imagine there will be setbacks — think of it like the God Account story itself. While Rakesh seems to be making progress, we don’t really think we’re that close to the end of the story. It feels far too simple to have it just be Simon in charge of the show’s central mystery. It also feels too easy to think Miles and Cara are going to be smiling off into the sunset together.

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