NCIS: New Orleans season 5 spoilers: Tom Arnold returning

NCIS: New Orleans season 4 premiereReady to see the return of a familiar face on NCIS: New Orleans? Well, rest assured that Tom Arnold is back on set!

In a post on Twitter (see below), the actor confirmed alongside Vanessa Verlito and Necar Zadegan that he is back at work in the Big Easy — or, to be specific, Bourbon Street. This is  bold move for the cast and crew to even be around this part of the city right now! Think about things this way — we’re talking about one of the biggest party places in the Big Easy the week of Mardi Gras. (Granted, it’s also Bourbon Street during the day — it’s probably a completely different animal at night.)

So what is Elvis Bertrand actually doing back around a case? More than likely, it’s tied to his particular skill set as a hacker — it’s either that or it’s tied to his relationship with Pride. Either way, both can be utilized quite effectively on this show depending on the mission, and his appearance will be a nice change of pace from where things are right now. (Maybe some of his tech skills can be used in collaboration with Patton, who really needs some more storylines at the moment! It feels like he and Lasalle are, at least at the moment, the two most under-utilized members of the team.)

At the moment, NCIS: New Orleans is in the thick of an important story tied to Necar’s Hannah Khoury, as the character’s past was blown wide open on this past episode and now, we’re going to see her start to tie together some of those loose ends. She’s going to have the help of her team and spoiler alert, she’s going to need it — she may need to prioritize protecting her family just as much as anything that comes with taking out presumed-dead terrorists.

Based on where NCIS: New Orleans is at the moment in production, expect Arnold’s appearance at some point next month. Meanwhile, we’re expected many more guest stars beyond him before the end of the season! It’d be nice to get another appearance from LeVar Burton as Nero and to also pick up some more of what Pride went through earlier this season following the death of Cassius. That’s the trauma that is hovering over him at the moment, even though he possesses the ability to occasionally push it out of mind. It’s never going to leave him for good and eventually, it will rise to the forefront once more. (As for the Angel of Death part of it, we’re still on the fence about whether or not that will come back at all — you can argue that it served its purpose with the exit of Cassius, but we’re not altogether sure that it has.)

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