Blue Bloods season 9 episode 17 preview: Treat Williams back as Lenny!

Blue Bloods season 9

Next week, Blue Bloods season 9 episode 17 will be upon us and bringing with it something we don’t see every week: Actual Frank Reagan friendship! Think about it — as much as we love Tom Selleck’s character alongside his advisers, we don’t really see him spending a lot of time around some other people who are important in his life. We know that the guy’s committed to the job, but he has friends … right?

As a reminder, yes, Frank does have friends! He’s got Lenny, and Treat Williams is going to be back for next week’s episode called “Two-Faced.” (Hopefully, things go better for Lenny here than they did for Benny Severide on Chicago Fire earlier this year…) The return of Lenny isn’t just all about making toasts and fun and games, as the photo above may indicate — though to be fair, it would actually be rather incredible to know what Frank considers to be “fun and games.” Also, it’s not exactly like Lenny’s past appearances have been full of happy friendship moments…

The focus of Lenny’s return will eventually boil back down to police work, in particular something that is coming out that could put the NYPD in a pretty sticky spot. Nobody wants to have their dark underbelly exposed; preferably, you wouldn’t have a dark underbelly at all, but this is the NPYD we’re talking about! It’s a huge organization and no matter how good Frank and his team may be, there are always going to be bad eggs. People are going to make mistakes. Frank is going to make mistakes. The problem is when those mistakes come out and they’re in a bad context.

Alas for Frank, this could be one of the main onuses of Blue Bloods season 9 episode 17 — he’s gotta do what he can to do some damage control. The synopsis below gives you a better sense of things:

“Two-Faced” – Frank’s longtime friend Lenny (Treat Williams) reveals to him that an upcoming exposé will air some of the NYPD’s dirty laundry. Also, Erin must decide how to charge a doctor whose experimental treatments led to the death of his terminally ill daughter; Danny and Baez investigate the mysterious overdose of a promising artist; and Jamie follows a lead about a corrupt officer in his precinct, on BLUE BLOODS, Friday, March 15 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

What’s the title in reference to? We always wonder this with Blue Bloods because this show makes a lot of these choices deliberately. If we had to guess, we’d pin it on whoever is writing said expose, someone out to be a traitor and someone Frank will probably come charging towards with a stern wagging of the finger.

As for the other storylines…

The big one to watch out for at the moment is Jamie’s mostly because the idea of a corrupt officer in his precinct ties in almost PERFECTLY to what Frank is going through! What a coincidence! (We’re being sarcastic since clearly, it’s really not much of a coincidence at all. These people know very much what they are doing.) Jamie’s storyline is going to be a reminder that there are reasons why these exposes are being written — he’s gotta find the bad seed in the unit and then try to move on before his reputation starts to go down the toilet.

The Erin and Danny storylines seem as though they could be intriguing, but for now we’re classifying them in the self-explanatory category.

What do you want to see next on Blue Bloods season 9 episode 17?

Happy to see Treat Williams back and for Frank to get to do something out of the office for a change? Sound off in the comments below!

(Photo: CBS.)

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