Whiskey Cavalier season 1 episode 2 review: It’s always the wife or ex-wife

Whiskey CavalierABC’s newest series, Whiskey Cavalier, recently aired its second episode and it didn’t disappoint, giving us the set up for what the rest of the season is going to be like. The team gets a case and has to figure out a way to succeed while dealing with the many problems that could arise. The best part of this series is the cast of characters! They are witty, smart, and interact in a way that makes you want to be part of the team.

For the team’s first official mission, they are tasked with kidnapping an international criminal (Stavros Pappas) in order to get his retina scan to get into the bank where he keeps a ledger of all his criminal transactions. At first, it seems like it will be a quick and easy mission, however, a group of mercenaries show up and kill the team’s target before they can accomplish their mission. In order to get Stavros’s retina, Will, Frankie, and Edgar break into the morgue. The three achieve getting the scan, but the mercenaries force them to blow up the morgue. Now of course the episode isn’t over and while the got the retina scan, the team learns that to access the bank, they will also need the retina scan of Stavros’s widow, Karen.

The team decides that the best move to make is a honey trap, a play in which you use seduction to get what you what from the target. Will immediately jumps at the chance to seduce Karen, but Frankie believes he’s too emotional to do the job. The two have playful banter back and forth which brings back memories  for us of some classic crime-solving shows with characters that had such a wonderful tension between them. Will and Frankie have a similar way and hopefully as the show continues on, we will get more of it because that’s what fans want to see.

Will manages to get Karen to agree to helping the FBI and CIA after the mercenaries almost killed the two of them at dinner. However, things took a turn when Karen turned the tables on the team as she was the one who hired the mercenaries. She locked Frankie and Will in the vault in the bank and as water filled the room, Frankie and Will shared a sweet moment. It wasn’t a “I have feelings for you” moment, however, it was a moment that confirmed to us that their are more sides to these characters than we are aware of it. It was especially apparent for Frankie in this scene because she dropped her annoying persona in order to tell Will she envies his ability to connect with people. We know she has a caring heart, but puts these walls up at work so that she can do the job and nothing more. It also confirms to us what a complex character she is and we can’t wait to find out more about her.

Whiskey Cavalier airs Wednesday night at 10pm on ABC. For more news related to Whiskey Cavalier, be sure to visit this link.

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